10 Cat Games Better Than The Original

A mark of a video game’s quality and popularity is its ability to inspire imitators, some of which may vary in quality. But while it’s common for shoddy bootlegs to flood the market, some knockoffs outperform the original.

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This can happen if the developers of the original game basically recreate an old game and improve every aspect of it. However, in some special cases, the developers saw a flawed game and found a way to improve it.

ten Stardew Valley Beat Harvest Moon at Its Own Game

The common consensus with harvest moon is that the first SNES farm life simulator was a masterpiece and everything that followed was a disappointment. It was a sentiment that the game’s creator, Eric Barone, agreed with, which motivated him to turn his harvest moon fan-game in its own standalone game called Stardew Valley.

Baron does Stardew Valley so that he can do the harvest moon game he always wanted. He did such a good job that not only Stardew Valley become one of the most successful indie games ever made, but Harvest Moon’s original creator Yasuhiro Wada gave it his stamp of approval. He felt the game resumed Harvest Moon’s lost soul.

9 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has overtaken Castlevania

Long-time sequel Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi’s departure from Konami and the publisher’s controversial departure from game development, it seemed highly unlikely that a new Castlevania game would never be done. Although he cannot use the Castlevania license, Koji was determined to make a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night.

The end result was funded by ArtPlay’s Kickstarter bloodied, which met and exceeded fan expectations. bloodied was essentially a classic MetroidVania designed for the modern era, and it didn’t disappoint. Now that Castlevania’s games are pretty much dead, bloodied took over from it and should be the next big MetroidVania series.

8 Serious Sam continued the legacy of Duke Nukem 3D

It goes without saying that Duke Nukem is one of the most influential first-person shooter (FPS) heroes ever created, and he cemented his legacy with Duke Nukem 3D. The historical sequel simultaneously codified the ridiculously macho FPS hero and FPS mechanics that are still used today, but its legacy was inherited by Serious Sam.

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Serious Sam started life as Duke Nukem parody, but he eventually became one of the last torchbearers of the classic shooter as Duke Nukem struggled in the New Millennium. Like to hammer how far Serious Sam left Duke Nukem in the dust, Serious Sam debuted in 2001, the same year Duke Nukem foreverhad to go out.

seven Saints Row: The Third Escaped from the Shadow of Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto has been around since 1997, but it only became the cultural phenomenon it is today on its third entry. GTA 3 and its sequels changed the game forever by introducing the interactive urban sandbox, which inspired countless imitators. One of them was Saints Row, which also took until Game 3 to become a breakthrough.

First, Saints Row was just another gritty sandbox that couldn’t top the wild worlds of San Andreas Where city ​​of vice. But when GTA takes itself more seriously, Saints Row rebooted into a cartoonish sandbox reminiscent of GTA playful past. It finally gave the Third Street Saints the edge they needed to overtake GTA.

6 Bayonetta took Devil May Cry to the next level

After directing the original The devil can cry, game director Hideki Kamiya wanted to revisit the formula that made him famous without just doing another adventure for Dante. Instead, Kamiya and Platinum Games created Bayonet, an all-new action-packed fighting game that has pushed Devil May Cry’s extreme formula.

Bayonet took Devil May Cry’s combat and storytelling already sleek and made even more over the top and over the top in all the right ways. In reality, Bayonet is considered a better the devil may cry game than some of the actual entries in the series. Meanwhile, Bayonetta herself has become a pop culture icon that arguably overshadowed Dante.

5 Team Fortress 2 survived Quake despite debuting as a Quake mod

Otherwise for earthquake beloved multiplayer modes (especially Deathmatch), the modern multiplayer scene wouldn’t even exist. That being said, only hardcore gamers still play or even remember Tremor, since most players are more familiar with the clones that have honed its multiplayer combat. For example, everyone knows what Team Fortress 2 is.

TF2 was the sequel to earthquake fashion Team Fortress(Where Classic Team Fortress), and it turned out earthquake multiplayer mode in an entire game. In addition to that, TF2 gave these mods personality through unforgettable characters and artistic design. TF2 has gradually become an irreplaceable pillar of online culture, while earthquake remained a historical footnote.

4 BioShock did everything System Shock 2 did, but better

After having done System Shock 2, Irrational Games pitched a third installment to EA, but the publisher turned them down due to poor sales of the second game. Rather than drop their ideas for a hypothetical System Shock 3 get lost, the developers reworked their original concepts and plans into an all-new game that would become BioShock.

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As Shock 2 System, BioShock was a cross between an action-packed RPG and a survival horror game that used interactive storytelling and audio logs instead of lengthy cutscenes. BioShock everything improved System Shock 2 aimed, becoming one of the most revolutionary games in history, while System shock 2 remained an obscure cult favorite.

3 Dark Souls was a demon soul sequel in all but name

From Software originally planned to make a Demon’s Souls sequel, but their move from Sony to Bandai Namco prevented them from doing so. In short, Sony owned the rights to Demon’s Souls, and developers couldn’t use them. From Software’s solution was to do Dark Souls – a spiritual successor that ended up eclipsing the original game.

If not for the above rights issues, dark souls would be Demon’s souls 2. All in dark souls, gameplay, themes and aesthetics, were taken from demonic souls, but improved and refined. Whether dark souls got an epic trilogy and codified the soulslike genre, the best The demon’s soul got was a PlayStation 5 remake in 2020.

2 The Yakuza Series Succeeded Where Shenmue Failed

Something people tend to overlook the classic so-bad-it’s-good Shen Mue that’s how ambitious it was artistically (albeit wrongly). Through Shenmue, Creator Yu Suzuki hoped to allow players to play in a richly detailed and realistic game city. The technological limits of the time held Shen Mue back, and its full potential was realized by the Yakuza games instead.

As Shenmue, the Yakuza the games were open-world adventures set in a sprawling sandbox, but with a better story populated by engaging characters and quirky side missions. The first one Yakuza could be seen as the PlayStation 2’s answer to the Dreamcast’s Shenmue, but he became a gaming juggernaut while his inspiration became a laughing stock.

1 Fortnite Overshadowed PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds in every way imaginable

These days, Fortnite is synonymous with the battle royale mode that currently dominates the online gaming scene, even though it didn’t start the trend. This honor goes to PUBG, which started as a ARMA 2 mod zombie before he takes his own life. Whereas Fortnite and PUBG are functionally the same game, there were some things Fortnite did better.

In short, Fortnite was more elegant and accessible PUBG clone. Whether PUBG favor fierce and realistic combat, Fortnite had a more colorful and fun approach. from Fortnite mainstream appeal gave it a wider player base and attracted linking deals with non-gaming franchises, while PUBG was aimed more at the niche of serious gamers.

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