10 Games That Should Be Remade With 2022 Graphics, According To Reddit

With the highly anticipated The last of us With the PS5 remake having been demonstrated for the first time, the graphical capabilities of 9th generation video game consoles have never been so well displayed. However, The The last of us is far from the first remake of this generation.

While remakes can be decried for diverting attention from entirely new game development, video games are different from movies in that each console increases graphics capabilities that justify bringing old classics to new systems. For Redditors, these particular games are the most deserving of 2022’s graphics upgrades.


The Simpsons: Hit & Run

The Simpsons Hit and Run Marge and Homer Screenshot

For Tea_Sniffr, “Simpsons hit and run” is the most deserving of a 2022 graphics upgrade, and considering the suggestion has over 1,500 upvotes (the second most on a thread with over 5,000 comments), it is pretty much a favorite. Released in 2003, Simpsons: Hit & Run has never been redone although it is very popular.

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The simpsonsPresence on Disney+ allows new generations to experience the three-decade adventures of the ageless Simpson family and their town of Springfield. However, it also means that long-time viewers can also enjoy their favorite classics. The two groups make a Simpsons: Hit & Run make it obvious again.

The Witcher (2007)

Geralt of Rivia in a tavern in The Witcher

Witcher 3 has one of the best game storylines, but the stories of the previous two “rival witcher 3” games, according to A_Misplaced_Viking. However, while “2’s graphics aren’t bad… 1’s are”, deserving this game for a remake more than Witcher 2 although Viking advocates that they both be redone.

The Witcher 3The popularity and exceptional commercial success of the witcher TV series on Netflix, there really has never been a better time to update the game’s graphics and release it and its sequel for current-gen consoles.

Tricky SSX

Tricky SSX

Following SSXthe best snowboarding game on Metacritic, Tricky SSX released for 6th generation consoles in 2001 and became a childhood favorite for many kids who grew up on it. Iggy2Stackz was clearly a fan of the game, saying “an SSX Tricky remake for Gen 8/9 consoles/PC would be amazing.”

Charts on the future SSX the games obviously improved immensely on the 7th Gen consoles, but the series faded after a 2012 release. Maybe that’s the nostalgia talking, but none of the games that followed Hard seemed to capture all the magical gameplay that made it and the first game so beloved.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Game The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Rightly considered one of the best movie-related video games, the the Lord of the Rings game adaptations released alongside the three films, but while arguing for a remake of all three, PhreedomPhighter reserved particular praise for the third game: “Return of the King was particularly good, in my opinion.”

The Return of the King The video game captures the epic scope of the final film as well as one would expect for 2003. But imagine that the gameplay combined with the graphical quality presented by the Middle Earth: Shadow series released in the 2010s! It might not be a bestseller 20 years later, but it would definitely be a game worth playing for anyone. the Lord of the Rings fan.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (correctly)

The Jetpack can keep CJ away from danger.

Say the output of Grand Theft AutoThe “Definitive Edition” of 2021 was a disaster would still perhaps be charitable. For a studio known for producing some of the most immersive and beautifully rendered games of all time, it was almost literally unbelievable that they were able to pull this mess out.

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This is what led Breadboyofficial to say that a game that most deserved a graphical upgrade in 2022 was “GTA San Andreas, but it’s actually true”. A San Andreas world made as clear as Grand Theft Auto V on PC and consoles would be a great way to offset fans’ initial disappointment, and it might even incorporate aspects of GTA V to establish a better connection between the two San Andreas games.

Half-Life: Opposing Force

Half-Life Opposing Force cover

“It’s DLC, but the opposing force of Half-Life would be cool” with graphical improvements, Redditor said. Hamadz. The first DLC ever released for the half life series, as well as the first time Valve outsourced the production of one of its key properties, opposing force gives players the perspective of an enemy from the first game, a Marine sent to deal with the alien threat.

opposing force expand the world of half life narratively, as well as the gameplay possibilities that could be made in this world. Had Half-Life: Alyx wasn’t a monumental success that introduced new players to the franchise, it might have seemed like a pipe dream. But now it might be possible! Now if only there was some news on Half Life 3

The legend of the dragon

Legend Dragoon Remake

The legend of the dragon is a fantasy RPG released by Sony that follows a group of heroes trying to prevent the end of their world. The game was released only for the original PlayStation, and never received a remake or remaster, and Redditor machamba3 think that should change.

“Legend of Dragons. Please!” the user pleaded. Even with the title typo, the post has received 395 upvotes so far, indicating that nostalgia for this title is relatively high, at least among those who replied to the original post that machamb3 commented on. As it happens, there’s a great argument for why a PS5 Dragon redo would be perfect. that he will be to happen or not is another question.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas 2 is more exciting than Fallout 5 Obsidian Microsoft

The fourth installment in total To fall series, New Vegas released two years after the acclaimed success Fallout 3and while taking place in the same world, acts as a spin-off of the series that draws inspiration from both Fallout 2 and 3.

All Celtic00 had to say was “New Vegas”. The fact that it can be used without directly referring to To fall shows its nature as a worked spin-off, but more importantly that it had its own impact beyond just being another To fall hall. With Fallout 76 being such a disappointment for Bethesda, a remake of one of their most beloved To fall games would be a wise choice.

Dragon Age: Origins

How Dragon Age 4 could create Origins & #8217;  Zevran Vital To The Story Romance Companion

The Reddit User BenadrylCumberb**** wants the original game in the dragon age series, “Dragon Age: Origins”, to be redone today with the new graphic quality available. Now that Dragon Age 4 has been confirmed as Dragon Age Dreadwolfthe time has never been better for a remake of the game that brought this long-running series to life.

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Of course, even though BioWare is no doubt very busy with dreadwolfit does not mean a Origins remake cannot be done simultaneously. After all, Bluepoint Games has remastered the first three Unexplored games while Naughty Dog was developing Uncharted 4 so that the first can go out in line with the second. Ideally, the previous three dragon age the games deserve updates, but Origins needs it the most.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

“I realize that there is technically a new [Battlefront II] but it’s not what Star Wars fans expected,” nightwolf483 said to explain why they want an upgrade to the original 2005 Battlefront II which the 2017 video game certainly didn’t deliver, and which was a huge disappointment for fans.

2005 Battlefront II is backwards compatible for Xbox X/S, but it never received a graphics upgrade, despite being one of the most popular star wars games ever. One of its biggest features is how it incorporates the perspective of a clone trooper/stormtrooper, rather than that of the Jedi. This choice alone made it stand out and gave the narrative a framework that compelled players throughout the campaign.

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