20 Video Games You Didn’t Know Were Set In The Same Universe

The upcoming game Callisto Protocol was at one time believed to be in the same universe as PUBG. However, some creative differences led to this aspect of the game being scrapped altogether. Still, the fact that it was even considered shows just how much video games love crossovers.

Of course, there are the multiverse events like the Super Smash Bros. deductible and Fortnite, but there are games that could potentially take place in the same universe as each other. Whether it’s cute references or obviously the same characters, these video games show that the MCU isn’t alone in making cameos.


ten Wolfenstein and Doom

Cover of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Doom Eternal

Wolfenstein and Loss are the franchises that started the FPS boom of the 90s and are incredibly influential video games in their own right. What some people might not know is that Doomguy and BJ Blazkowics are actually related.

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It has been confirmed by the developers that BJ Blazkowicz is Doomguy’s great-grandfather. Considering how over the top both franchises are, it’s honestly no surprise. The Blazkowics bloodline is strong, and they really seem to enjoy violently purging wrongdoers.

9 Manhunt and bully

Bully Manhunt GTA 6

One is a light and crude school comedy game while the other is a gritty and depressing murder fest. Of course, it makes total sense that they’re in the same universe. bully makes several references to Manhunt, but one, in particular, stands out as proof that they are in the same universe.

Sometimes NPCs will talk about “seeing the new Starkweather movies” when the player plays them. Of course, Starkweather is the main antagonist of Manhunt. If Jimmy’s character doesn’t improve, he’ll probably end up like Manhunt’s James one of these days.

8 Hitman and Kane and Lynch

Hitman meets Kane and Lynch

Hitman, a much-loved series follows the exploits of Agent 47 as he is tasked with killing various criminals and political figures. It was inevitable that he would meet other mercenaries in the world. This is exactly what happens if a player visits a certain shooting range.

Kane and Lynch from the game series of the same name can be found bickering and shooting guns. In a darkly comedic moment, the player could simply kill them on the spot. It’s kind of funny that the whole story of a game franchise potentially ends with Agent 47 killing them wordlessly out of boredom.

seven Sleeping dogs and just cause

Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause 2 outfits

sleeping dogs and just cause are both unorthodox sandbox games in the sea of ​​GTA clones. sleeping dogs and JustCause 2 take place mostly in Asia and both focus on taking down huge criminal enterprises (sort of). There’s also the rather blatant radio advertising.

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In the ad, the voiceover recommends visiting the beautiful islands of Panau, the same islands Rico is in during the events of JustCause 2. Not to mention that one of Wei Shen’s outfits is Rico’s outfit. Seeing as “beautiful islands ruled with an iron fist by a tyrant” is also a thing in sleeping dogsthere is probably an epidemic of these.

6 Battlefield: Bad Company and Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge and Battlefield Radio Easter Egg

bad company is a lighter and more comical branch of the Battlefield franchise, but it’s still pretty grounded and dirty. In contrast, mirror edge is a dystopian free-to-play game with sleek buildings and a minimalist aesthetic. Despite these differences, both games have strong evidence of being in the same universe.

On the one hand there is an audio connection mirror edge who obviously has bad company crew doing their same old bickering schtick. Considering the effort to get the same voice actors, it’s unlikely this is just a cutesy reference. Not to mention that Faith’s running shoes can be found in the Battlefield universe too.

5 Ace Attorney and Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis Regina talks to Gumshoe about Ace Attorney

The two series couldn’t be more different. One is a pseudo-detective lawyer visual novel, while the other is a resident Evil clone with dinosaurs instead of zombies. And yet, somehow, the two are more than likely set in the same universe, since ace lawyer features some of the same characters.

The biggest evidence is the main character, Regina, who appears in the game’s canon posing as a car attendant, along with other dinosaur crisis characters. As a secret government agent, her “irrelevant” character might actually just be a cover, much like Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Without forgetting that the country of Borginia is referenced in both ace lawyer and dinosaur crisis, further cement the connection.

4 The Sims and Mass Effect

Mass Effect and the Shared SIM Universe

Considering how The Sims doesn’t exactly have a “story” per se, it’s odd to think it could possibly be related to Mass Effect, a sci-fi space opera of all things. Yet there is no evidence to indicate that this might not be the case. After all, Mass EffectEarth is not that weird.

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In The Sims 3, the player is able to use a time machine and travel to the distant future or distant past. In the distant future, a crowd celebrates how a “shepherd” saved humanity from an “ancient machine god”. There’s also the hilariously unfortunate implication that the player himself could be a Reaper, controlling humans for their own whims.

3 Bioshock and Firewatch

fire watch is a very atmospheric game that feels more like reading a mystery book than a traditional video game. Bioshock is also atmospheric, but crazy little girls try to stab the player. Yet the two share bonds that place them in the same universe.

In fire watchthe player can find the book The accidental saviora common sight in Bioshock. The developers have come forward saying that these glowing references are subject to interpretation. There is also a fascinating theme at play here. BioshockThe story of is exactly the kind of excitement that fire watch the protagonist runs after. Turns out there’s a big conspiracy out there. The fire watch MC is simply not one of them.

2 Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed

Watchdogs Legion Confirms Assassin's Creed Shared Universe

Ubisoft likes to put Easter eggs in its video games, but it’s only Assassin’s Creed: Origins that the bond was cemented. A previous game in the series had a black flag the character of Olivier Garneau as a target in Watch dogs.

To further cement this thread, Origins provides the player with CCTV footage of Garneau being shot by Aidan Pierce. Although Ubisoft says this is “non-canon fanservice”, that only extends to the main storylines. As far as players are concerned, the two games coexist in a strange multiverse, especially with Legion adding a real Assassin in the form of Darcy.

1 Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher remembers Solid Snake

Solid metal gear and Burst cell were the first stealth games of the 2000s. Despite this rivalry, the two games threw playful blows at each other, and both are fans of each other’s franchises. In a mini-game on MGS3 called Snake vs MonkeySnake asks if Campbell could just send “Sam or Gabe” to do the mission.

This refers to Sam Fisher and Gabriel Logan, a now rather obscure stealth agent, from siphon filter. In a sad twist, Sam Fisher also asks the same thing, wondering if “the guy with the bandana” can’t handle this mission, only to be told he’s retired (referring to MGS4‘Sending in progress). It ends with “So it’s just me,” a grim reminder that Sam Fisher is now the last of his kind in triple-A matches.

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