Monthly Archives: July 2020

How to Migrate Data to Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco/Mi Phone

With smartphones becoming more and more affordable, buying one can be a semi-regular occurrence. However, transferring data between your old phone and new one can be cumbersome. Many people will choose to transfer the data to a computer and then to the new phone. Historically, that was the right thing …

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How to use WhatsApp on two numbers on your phone at the same time

Do you have two phone numbers and need to use WhatsApp on both, but only have one smartphone? Here is how you can use WhatsApp on both numbers. Many smartphones these days come with dual SIM which makes things very convenient. However, some applications do not allow you to use …

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Lasso: Facebook closes the TikTok Lasso clone app

Facebook revealed its rival Pinterest Hobbi last week’s inevitable demise, but now it looks like the unloved site won’t perish on its own. The non-media company also announced that it will also be shutting down its TIC Tac competitor Lasso on July 10, joining his cousin’s journey to the big …

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