6 games we totally need for Star Wars

Long ago, in this exact galaxy, the Atari 2600 brought a burgeoning cinematic universe to the nascent video game medium for the very first time. The stunning first act of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, The Snowy Battle of Hoth, has returned to the whole family – provided the family can afford a luxurious new Atari 2600, with its price adjusted to the inflation over $850.

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For more than four decades, George Lucas’ hit saga of laser swords and conveyor belts has spawned dozens of other games ranging from shooters to RPGs, action adventures to LEGO collaborations, a handsome pair of MMOs, and more. But there is so much untapped potential. Fans yearned for new takes and stellar sequels; moreover, there are entire genres that publishing partners have ignored for too long and at their peril.

Thank goodness for TheGamer. We are the spark that will ignite the fire that will burn these games into EA’s memory. We’re going to fascinate Microsoft, delight Ubisoft, and probably enrage at least a few of you along the way. Let the past die – here’s a certifiable hit star wars games for the future.


6 Star Wars: Coming Home

The world is not like before. It can be a dangerous place. It still holds many wonders, which is why we can let our children play outside for a reasonable amount of time. Some of their favorite activities include Niantic’s Pokemon GO, an augmented reality mobile game that gives players the ability to virtually “catch” the Pokemon they encounter on their smartphone screens while on the go away from home.

Pokemon hasn’t been shy about collaborating in the past. There is literally a one-of-a-kind trading card for Post Malone. And Star Wars? Is there a product on earth that hasn’t seen Darth Vader’s helmet on it at some point?

When it’s time for the kids to go home, Pokemon GO transforms into Star Wars: GO Home. From there, every creature they would have found his head replaced with that of an angry Luke Skywalker as seen in the movie that brought all Star Wars fans together in perfect harmony: The Last Jedi. Kids can’t catch Angry Luke. If they try, he reveals it was never really him in the first place, disappearing before their eyes like the cosmic trickster that he is…until they find him. Or rather, until he finds them.

Just go home, young people. It’s dinner time.

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5 Star Wars: Sebulba

Star Wars is a story of redemption. Boba Fett has his own TV show for that. Palpatine got The Rise of Skywalker, which was bad enough that I kind of wish he had won just to subvert expectations. Most famously of all, Darth Vader threw Palpatine into the heart of the Death Star reactor, killing him until he wasn’t dead after all.

The franchise has ignored its most memorable villain for far too long. In The Phantom Menace, Sebulba was rotten to the core. He was ready to kill a ten-year-old child and laugh about it. Yet even so, we saw a silver lining when he tossed Jar Jar Binks into the sand. Since that day, Sebulba is undoubtedly the most popular character in the media.

Why not capitalize on that? Consider the following. If Sebulba had disguised himself as a youth during Order 66, he could have killed Anakin for real this time. It would not have been an antagonistic act. It could have saved the galaxy. Give us a chance to bludgeon brainwashed clone troopers with what are surely the most powerful feet in the cannon. Rescue the Jedi on each world before the Sith’s revenge occurs.

Map each face button on your controller to the same motion when kicking, kicking, kicking, and even kicking them all. Be the hero Star Wars deserves.

4 Star Wars: Lando Calrissian’s Love Boat

Everyone was sad when news broke that the poor box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story put the brakes on any further adventures with Alden Ehrenreich. Literally everyone wanted this, even though most of them didn’t see the movie in theaters. But the real star of the film was, of course, Donald Glover’s take on Lando Calrissian.

A video game is the best alternative avenue for more of 2018’s magnum opus, and a dating sim is the prime contender for success. Lando used a tax loophole to buy out his beloved Millennium Falcon – and Han isn’t happy about it. Along with Chewbacca, Lobot, and even a abruptly reformed Qi’ra, Lando ends his smuggling days and transforms the fastest ship in the galaxy into a place where magical things can happen.

The gameplay consists of three phases. The visual novel segments feature each of the four eligible bachelors and singular bachelors after the player character wins an all credits paid cruise trip aboard the love ship. From time to time, players have to make vital, far-reaching decisions, like spending an evening patrolling the Falcon’s only hallway with Lobot or helping Chewbacca pick out a dress. The third phase is fishing. Even if you’re on a spaceship. In the space. Because every game needs fishing.

There are over ten unique endings. Five involve marrying a crew member. The rest is deadly.

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3 Kinect Star Wars 2: Electric Gunganoo

Everyone knows Kinect Star Wars was a smash hit. Kinect wouldn’t be where it is today without it. The game that saved the gaming industry, took humanity by storm, and made the term “Galactic Dance-Off” a permanent part of our cultural lexicon has never received a proper sequel because we can’t have nice things.

Had things been different, we could have seen an epic expansion of what would no doubt be dubbed the Star Wars Dancematic Kinect universe. Then, and only then, could a dream like Kinect Star Wars 2: Electric Gunganoo come true.

Electric Gunganoo makes no changes to the base Kinect Star Wars experience. Perfection cannot be perfected. Instead, he replaces each character with a Gungan. Lightsaber combat remains as is, except with the Gungans. The padawans are now baby Gungans, because Baby Yoda is successful, so it will be lightning in a bottle again. The title song is “I’m Boss Nass-ty”, written and recorded by real Gungans.

2 Star Wars Legend: Breath of the Ewok

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild changed the gaming scene forever. And the previous sentence wasn’t even a lie, making it an exceptional statement in the context of this article.

Star Wars is no stranger to trend hunting. Lucasfilm tried an annual cinematic approach because of Kevin Feige. Most famously, George Lucas drew inspiration from older movies like Seven Samurai, again because of Kevin Feige. What better way to ring in the next generation of Star Wars on PC and home consoles than with Breath of the Ewok, an open world critical and commercial darling that steals Nintendo’s engine, assets and game mechanics but replaces Link with Wicket?

Instead of scattered towns, you will explore Ewok villages. Instead of shrines, Wicket’s spirit is tested with trapping drills and the art of rock throwing. Instead of the Bane of Ganondorf cursing Hyrule, it is the raids of a Gorax that terrifies Endor.

I can tell you that you remain skeptical. Its good. Great publishers love money. Players love live service games. With the Ewok Season Pass, you can customize huts in these Ewok villages with one of four paint shades ranging from Common to Legendary. The best players in each quarter will qualify to yellow Wicket’s scarf. You can even spend real money to buy instant level ups, allowing you to abuse the system and easily nab that yellow scarf.

1 Star Wars: Rogue 4 Squadron

I laugh. Nobody wants that.

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