8 Games You Might Enjoy If You Like Wordle

Wordle is the browser game everyone is talking about right now. When was the last time people typed in a website URL everyday for anything? Wordle’s influence really cannot be overstated for this reason.

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And if you’re attached to Wordle like so many others, then one puzzle a day might not be enough for you. You may be looking for alternatives to keep your mind busy and racing. Fortunately, with the great success of something like Wordle, there will always be plenty of clones and new ideas based on the concept. This list is going to collect some of the best right now.


8 World

If you are a geography buff, then Worldle is for you. This game has the same format as Wordle, but instead of guessing a word, you try to guess a country with only the outlined silhouette as a clue. Some days you get instantly recognizable countries like the USA or Japan, but it’s the days you get countries like Tajikistan or Suriname that will really test even veteran geography buffs (unless you are from these regions, in which case it will probably be much easier). Hopefully they will add the option to guess from flags or capitals in the future.

7 Wordguessr

Wordguessr is a Wordle clone for players who don’t want to wait 24 hours for a new puzzle. With Wordguessr you can play as many puzzles as you want all the time. Besides that, you can customize how many letters you want to include in the word. If five letters are starting to seem a little too easy, you might be surprised at how much harder it is with six letters.

6 spelling bee

If you’ve been playing Wordle since it was moved to the New York Times page, you’ve probably seen a promotion for Spelling Bee. Worth a try if you also like word puzzles. Spelling Bee is much harder than Wordle. You are given seven letters, one of which is highlighted in yellow.

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You must make as many words longer than four characters as you can think of using any combination of the given letters, with the additional requirement that the yellow letter must be included in each word. It’s hard but rewarding.

5 dungeon

Dungleon is perhaps the most unique idea for a Wordle-like game on this list. The game takes inspiration from games like Dungeons & Dragons and translates it into Wordle format. Every day there is a new puzzle of trying to set up a dungeon. Monsters, adventurers and treasure. There are also all sorts of rules that come with it. Some monsters will only spawn on certain days, or with other monsters, etc. It’s up to you to understand all the unspoken rules.

4 0h h1

If you like getting a new puzzle every day and are looking to break away from the Wordle formula, you might be interested in 0h h1. It is a pattern puzzle rather than a word puzzle.

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The goal is to fill the whole grid with yellow or blue tiles. There are an equal number of tiles in each row (for 6×6 there are three yellow and three blue) with the catch that there will never be more than two of each color in a row. It may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to stop.

3 framed

Framed is a Wordle-like for all the movie buffs out there. Every day there is a new puzzle that will show you a screenshot of a movie, and it’s your job to correctly guess the movie in 6 guesses. It will show you a new screenshot every time you get it wrong, so all is not lost if you don’t immediately recognize the first screenshot. It’s fun, albeit so frustrating when you know you’ve seen the movie before, and it’s right on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t say the name.

2 Heardle

Heardle is to music lovers what Frame is to moviegoers. In Heardle, you’ll get a one-second clip of a song, and you’ll have to try to guess which song it is just from this incredibly limited clip. Again, like Frame, you’ll hear the song a bit more if you get it wrong, so you’re not completely down if you get a weird clip early on. The only downside to this game is that it doesn’t work in all countries, due to music service licensing issues, unlike other games on this list.

1 Dordle

Dordle is for Wordle veterans who really want the thrill of an extra challenge. In Dordle you have two Wordle puzzles side by side. You must try to figure them both out at the same time, with one guess applying to each puzzle. This makes it impossible to complete a Dordle in a single try, as the two puzzles will never use the exact same word. And, honestly, it’s a miracle if you can crack both puzzles in six tries. Good luck to anyone who decides to level up to try and complete this challenge.

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