9 games you might have missed at Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Fest is here, and with it a plethora of game announcements and presentations. Whether it’s called E3 or Summer game party, for years, June has been an exciting time for gamers. The month serves as the de facto Christmas morning of gaming, where developers and publishers pull back the curtain on what they’ve been working on, and this year has been no different.

Most of the headlines have been dominated by megaliths like star field Where The Last of Us Part Ibut there are plenty of smaller titles that deserve their time in the spotlight as well.

With that in mind, here’s a list of all the games you might have missed during the opening weekend of Summer Game Fest 2022.

Metal: Hellsinger

Part rhythm game, part Loss clone, Metal: Hellsinger seems like a shooter like no other. This FPS takes fast-paced action and pairs it with some of the best heavy metal artists in the world.

Instead of just running around killing demons, hellish singer requires the player to shoot, melee, and reload at pace. It creates a zen experience where the rest of the world melts around you. All that matters after that is your shotgun ending and the jagged soundtrack.

It’s a creative mix of genres that really stands out. Even if you’re not a fan of double-kick bands like Lamb of God or Trivium, this game will have its hooks in you. All in all, it looks like a bloody good time.

Release date: September 15, 2022

skateboarding history

skateboarding historythe teaser during the Devolver Digital summer showcase hooked me. Not your typical skating experience. Instead of riffing on the arcade experience of the Tony Hawk franchise, skateboarding history offers something a little different.

Developed by one person, this game tasks players with skating through a version of the underworld that feels like some kind of crazy drug trip. Gone is any semblance of the real world and in its place are geodesic prisms and flashing colors.

Devolver Digital 2022: Skateboarding History Announced - Lords of Gaming

That’s not to say your environments aren’t skatable. There are still plenty of ramps, rails and gaps to conquer. But skateboarding history is something a little more ethereal than cargo shorts, The skating tariff of yesteryear.

Release date: 2023

nil earth

nil earth is the antiSimCity. While most management/simulation games push players to build industry, use resources, and terraform the land, nil earth does the opposite. Presented at the Live healthythis simulation immerses players in an abandoned, resourceless world and forces them to make things green again.

Wind turbines, wells and greenhouses serve as tools to restore this ecosystem to its former glory. Developer free lives aim to create an experience where nature is the currency and success comes in the form of babbling streams and thriving wildlife.

Terra Nil on Steam

nil earth is to reclaim wasteland and make something out of nothing. And in a world where the skies can get grayer every day, experiences like this are like a breath of fresh air.

Release date: To be determined

Great Zoo Story

Great Zoo Story what would happen if Zoo Tycoon and Stardew Valley had a beautiful pixelated baby. The zoo management RPG has dropped a new trailer at IGN Summer of Gaming Showshowing snippets of the game’s story along with some new features.

For many it was the first time they had seen Great Zoo Story, and it stuns. While the game looks awfully Stardew Valleyits adorable sprite and animal characters will make this game of this farmer stepbrother unique.

Stardew Valley Inspired Super Zoo Story Releases First Trailer - MyPotatoGames

Plus, this brightly colored RPG doesn’t stop at rhinos and lions. The latest trailer also showed off some prehistoric additions you can bring to your zoo, allowing fans to live their lives. jurassic park fantasies while playing zookeeper.

It hasn’t been announced for Switch yet (PC only at this point), but it would be the perfect game for Nintendo’s handheld hybrid.

Release date: 2023

The little

One of the recurring themes of Summer Game Fest this year was platformers with stunning art styles. The little falls into this bucket. This 2D platformer is a spiritual successor to 1990s SEGA games like Aladdin and The Lion King.

From the brief trailer that debuted at Guerrilla Collective 3, The little looks like a wonderful animated movie that you can play. Its colorful environments are complemented by fluid parkour and intricate puzzles.

The Cub on Steam

It’s hard to say exactly what the story will be in this Demagog Studio– developed title. However, the studio promised there would be plenty of twists and turns in this post-apocalyptic tale.

Release date: to be determined

Beasts tape

As long Pokemon fan, Beasts tape got me out of my chair. Also part of the Guerilla Collective, this monster-collecting adventure seems like the next step. Pokemon fans asked.

The game sports a stunning HD-2D art style. It seamlessly combines 3D environments with beautiful 2D characters and monster sprites. And speaking of monsters, Beasts tape gives players the power to combine two of these creatures, creating something brand new.

Chemistry - Beasts Cassette

It’s that fusion mechanic, open world, and Saturday morning cartoon-like character designs that make Beasts tape One to watch. Of course it’s not that brand name Pokemon experience, but it seems to elevate that, making it a worthy competitor to Nintendo’s iconic IP.

Release date: To be determined

frog rifle

For those looking to scratch that Nintendo 64 itch, look no further than frog rifle. The 3D platformer sports retro polygon graphics and an adorable googly-eyed art style.

The gameplay resembles the collectathons of years past with a twist. The main character of the game, Renata, sports a grappling hook in the form of a hand frog. Using the titular Frogun’s tongue, players can swing and solve puzzles.

Upcoming 'Frogun' game is a charming Nintendo 64-style platformer coming out in 2022

It looks like a simple platform game, but it’s a kind of game that doesn’t get done much anymore. So, frog rifle will be welcomed by many.

Release date: Summer 2022

the last faith

Speaking of games that don’t do anything anymore, the last faith seeks to rediscover the magic of the classic Castlevania titles, while iterating on Konami’s gothic formula. Featured as part of the Future Games Showcase, this gory adventure is seemingly a proof of concept for what a modern game is. Castlevania game might look like.

Developer Kumi Soul Games describes the title as an “unholy alliance of Metroidvania and Soulslike”. That means this game is just as much transmitted by blood as is symphony of the night. Tight souls-esque combat meets adventure on a sprawling map, with new secrets around every corner.

The Last Faith is a Soulslike making its way this year |  Cabin News

the last faith proves that this formula is anything but outdated. The beautiful pixel art and stunning craft environments make this a worthy SOTN successor.

Release date: 2022

The brave squire

The brave squire might be the most awesome game uncalled star field by Summer Game Fest. This beautiful platformer really has to be seen to be believed. Developed by former Game Freak employees, this title seamlessly blends a beautiful 2D storybook world with hyper-realistic 3D platforming sections.

Some gameplay sections shown during the Devolver showcase look like a top down view Zelda Title. Others flip the camera, turning things into a 3D action game akin to Ratchet and Clank.

The Plucky Squire revealed, an endearing storybook adventure that mixes 2D and 3D gameplay |  VG247

At the moment it is not clear whether The lucky squire will be something more than stunning visuals. But when your game looks this good, you benefit from the doubt.

Release date: 2023

That’s a lot of games, and there are so many more that we haven’t covered here. Whether it’s a massive AAA RPG or the smaller deck-building roguelike developed by one person, Summer Game Fest/E3 (when it actually happens) is a magical time.

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