Best Indie Games of Future of Play 2022

With a combination of fantastic musical guests (if you don’t know Alex Moukala then please get to know it) and a variety of indie games, the The future of gaming was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. From weird dating sims (beep) to cooking to your dreams, I’ve found a lot of things that I’m going to add to my wishlist as I figure out how to clone myself so I have time to spend on all these games. Here are, at the very least, 15 of the ones I really liked.

Breeze in the clouds

Breeze Corgi Main
(Image: Stormy Nights)

The description: You are a pet corgi who ends up in the cloud world and gains weather powers. You are tasked with defeating pollution and fixing the weather.

Why I’m excited: Please refer to the description of an anti-pollution corgi, thanks (also the good boy USES HIS FISTS to fight).

Developer: stormy nights

How to support: Check out the website!


Calico Cafe Cat
(Picture: Peachy Keen Games)

The description: Calico is a fun and entertaining community simulation game where you are given an important and adorable task: to rebuild the city’s cat cafe and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! Build your café by filling it with cute furniture, fun decorations, delicious pastries and bringing it to life with animals!

Why I’m excited: I just want to be a magical girl, restore a cat cafe and fill it with fluffy ass heads like mine. The game is already available, but now there is a new update!

Developer: Peachy Keen Games

How to support: Grab it on Steam!

Bake Serve Forever

cook serve
(Picture: Vertigo Gaming)

The description: Cook through the bustling solarpunk city of Helianthus as Nori Kaga, a chef who aspires to become big like her role model, the culinary queen herself, Chef Rhubarb. This brand new IP from the creators of the million selling “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” The series features hundreds of ingredients, a fully voiced dramatic story, enticing side quests, gorgeous artwork, and gameplay that simulates the pace and tactility of cooking.

Why I’m excited: The gameplay has a bit of a rhythm game mechanic where you press the buttons on time, except for cooking. I need this in my life. Also, I wish the kitchen was actually done that way.

Developer: Vertigo Gaming

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2023!

Infinite Guitars

Infinite Guitars
(Image: Nikko Nikko)

The description: Infinite Guitars is a rhythm RPG where players must dodge rhythm-based attacks and fight back with electrifying guitar solos. Set in a world devastated by a great mechanical war, Infinite Guitars features stunning anime-inspired artwork, beautiful environments, and a 100% original, jam-worthy soundtrack.

Why I’m excited: What if we had more rhythm RPGs? This time with epic guitar solos!

Developer: Nikko Nikko

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2022!


Kabaret game
(Image: Personality Theory Games)

Description: Kabaret is a dark fantasy folk adventure game. The story unfolds through the eyes of Jebat, a cursed boy who is uprooted from his small town into a mystical, violent and ruthless kingdom of monsters. Lost and lonely in a place of unfathomable cruelty, Jebat battles monsters both supernatural and human in the Kabaret.

Why I’m excited: Dark. Fantastic Folklore. Adventure. Game. Also, one that explores the myths of Southeast Asia.

Developer: personality theory games

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2022 (Q3)!


(Image: Moon Lagoon)

The description: A cozy underwater survival game set on a polluted ocean planet. Repurpose marine debris, tend to alien axolotl-like creatures, and uncover the ocean’s mysterious past.

Why I’m excited: An interstellar guardian, you say? And we go underwater? Let me get my scuba gear.

Developer: Moon Lagoon

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2023!

lost twins 2

lost twins 2
(Picture: Playdew)

The description: Lost Twins 2 is an incredibly cute puzzle adventure that will test your brain power. entertain and maybe even inspire you. Guide Abi and Ben on their journey as they move across platforms, engage in challenging puzzles, swap tiles to create paths, and overcome obstacles to reunite and find their way home.

Why I’m excited: The concept is intriguing with the twins being on the same screen, but not sharing the same space. I expect to be frustrated with the puzzles, to feel rewarded when I complete them, and happy when I finally get to my twin.

Developer: Playdew

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2022!

coast of love

Love Shore Game
(Image: Perfect Trash)

The description: In the cyberpunk metropolis of Love Shore, gods, cyborgs and humans fight, mingle and fall in love in the criminal underground. Make choices, form relationships, gain enemies or allies as Sam or Farah, as the two S.Humans find each other and uncover the secrets buried deep within their city that doesn’t sleep.

Why I’m excited: Gods, cyborgs and humans? Oh my. I’m sure it will be fine.

Developer: Perfect waste

How to support: Wishlist on Steam!

Malice and greed

Malice and greed
(Picture: Xendra)

The description: Malice & Greed is a turn-based Roguelike RPG where you force enemies and bosses to join you after each fight, sell them to the Shady Smuggler, and slaughter them to steal their skills. Customize and upgrade a new team with each run to create the ultimate combo as you battle your way to Nirvana!

Why I’m excited: Because it sounds fucking bonkers! Sell ​​your enemies? Butcher them for skills? What is happening??? The game is already available, but now there are new gameplay features.

Developer: xendra

How to support: Grab it on Steam!


Screenshot Wave
(Picture: Lance & 3-50)

The description: Onde is a relaxed audio adventure where you ride waves of light and sound through a wondrous world. Explore the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space, navigate melodic environments, and enjoy intuitive puzzle platforming along the way. Onde’s smooth sound surf offers a meditative experience for everyone.

Why I’m excited: A relaxing musical game with beautiful visuals and a soundtrack to match. The perfect thing to play after a long day at work.

Developer: Spear & 3-50

How to support: Grab Steam and look forward to Nintendo Switch and iOS releasing later in 2022!


Game OR
(Image: room6, G-MODE Corporation)

The description: The place is U-chronia, a hazy world that lives in hazy memories of the distant past. OR, a young boy, wakes up in a dry riverbed with no personal memories. He meets Zarry, a flame-tailed opossum, who guides him on a journey to uncover his story.

Why I’m excited: The opossum’s tail is on fire and he’s setting things on fire. I’m easy to entertain, but the atmosphere worries me about getting attached to our new friend.

Developer: room6, G-MODE Corporation

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2022!

Princess pen pal

Princess pen pal
(Image: compact)

The description: Pen Pal Princess is a queer romantic comedy visual novel set in a technologically modern fantasy world. A satire of modern online dating, the game explores themes of long-distance relationship building and takes a closer look at how we present ourselves to others online. Correspond with potential suitors via mail, email, and instant messaging to convince them to rescue you from your lonely princess tower!

Why I’m excited: Kiss Kiss (writer’s letters) Fall in Love!

Developer: Compact

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2022!


(Image: Afterburner)

The description: Railbound is a new puzzle game from the creators of Golf Peaks and inbento. Connect and cut train tracks around the world to help everyone reach their home and solve over 100 tricky puzzles ranging from gentle slopes to winding passages.

Why I’m excited: What if a puzzle game, but trains?

Developer: Afterburner

How to support: Wishlist on Steam!


spiral game
(Image: Folk Games)

The description: Spiral is a third-person narrative exploration game sharing a poetic vision of cognitive degeneration seen from the inside. It tells the story of Bernard, a man who bids farewell one last time to the memories that have shaped him from his early childhood until he is today. You accompany him on this journey, bearing witness to his life and remembering for him as his mind slowly unravels in the void.

Why I’m excited: Sometimes I just want to cry, I guess. Trying to collect your memories before they fade away? Yeah, I’m gonna cry.

Developer: Folk games

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out in 2023!

To validate

Validate game characters
(Image: True Joy Studios)

The description: ValiDate is a romantic visual novel about 13 Jercy City adults navigating new relationships and the harsh realities that come with them.

Why I’m excited: A mature dating sim with 13 dynamic characters and extremely gay-friendly? I need this, like, yesterday.

Developer: True studios of joy

How to support: Wishlist on Steam, due out August 2022 (and also coming to Nintendo Switch)!

(Featured Image: Persona Theory Games/Playdew/Veritable Joy Studios)

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