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Musical games are a great way to help children overcome shyness and socialize with other children. They are also a lot of fun, give kids some exercise and add excitement to a normal school day. Music games for kids are a great way to teach them different musical genres. Music is certainly relaxing and is considered by many to be food for the soul. Exposing your child to different types of music, whether it’s rock, classical, hip-hop or pop, could inspire them to choose it as a hobby and possibly a career as well. Music can have a positive impact on children’s minds, research suggests.

In fact, music training can help a child’s brain develop faster. It can also add more fun and enjoyment to the regular games they play every day. Researchers have found that listening to music can alter brain function. It can significantly improve concentration, memory, thinking skills, spatial intelligence, and other cognitive abilities.

Here is the list of the best music games for Linux

project heartbeat

Project Heartbeat is a fun rhythm game powered by a team inspired by names like Clone Hero and Project Diva, featuring music from top anime D and manga from top artists in the Eurobeat genre. You can also create your own spreadsheets and share them with your friends. The ability to import PPD graphics into the editor is also available so you can use PH specific features.

The game includes a resource pack editor tool, which you can use to create your own packs, which are automatically optimized. We know most of you are here for the custom songs, but PH also has some really great songs, mostly Eurobeat, but other genres as well. They come with high quality graphics made by top community schools. In-game, you can adjust many settings, such as note sizes, timing methods, audio delay compensation, joystick dead zones, and more.

clock simulator

Clock Simulator is a rhythm game with a minimalist art style combined with experimental music tracks. In most of its modes, the main objective is to score the second, every second, within the second. Deceptively simplistic poll, it’s a lot harder than you think. What started as a Kool2Play mobile game has moved to Switch with the addition of two multiplayer modes.

Clock Simulator requires pressing one of the face buttons once per second, per second to pass. Some modes will require specific button presses due to what’s happening on the screen, but the one-second time limit never changes. Every second, a button must be pressed. It doesn’t look fun and it doesn’t even seem like a great game, but unexpectedly it ends up being both.


StepMania games are rhythm games. All games can be played using the keyboard, but the real fun comes when you use specially designed controllers, like a dance mat or hand sensors. StepMania is a venerable open source alternative to the commercial rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution. The game is very easy to play with a keyboard, but if you want to have the best gaming experience, you better have a dance floor.

The menus, the music, everything is straight out of a DDR game. However, this is where the game stands out. Look, the game doesn’t come with preloaded music. All music is composed by fans of the game, with music from anywhere, anime, games, and simple pop songs. Downloading these songs is simple and all you have to do is place their folder in the ‘songs’ folder of the game directory and it will appear automatically the next time you play.

boy beat the world

Vibrating with the music, missing the rhythm is good. Unleash the 7 neighborhoods and colorful characters for free. Defeat robot bosses and unlock new moves. Dance, loot and buy new skills. Fear of not having the right rhythm. Rhythm Boy plays a major role in Beats World. As your child moves through the world with his beatbox assistant (Daisybell), he will play music to attack you or avoid a hit.

Your real moves can take place anytime or anywhere, which means Boys Beats World combines real-time and time-based battles. You’ll have to get used to it at first, as you have the freedom to move, but you can’t attack or defend until the hit is complete. Skip the lesson, skip the attack. Rich Beast World follows this concept and uses an optional visual trigger, so if you can’t find the shot, you can view it as a mini-game.

tadpole treble

Tadpole Treble Encore sees you take on the role of Baton, a newborn tadpole who finds himself living in a decidedly musical world. Baton’s adventure begins minutes after he was born, when he swims past his mother’s watch and finds himself in the throat of a pelican. She escapes him (thank goodness) but faces a long journey through uncharted waters that will lead her to explore every corner of her island to find her way home.

The game takes the form of a traditional rhythm game, but with a kind of intense action infusion akin to an on-rails shooter. Baton swims at a constant speed along a musical staff and can swim up or down half a note at a time, and as it moves, a constant barrage of obstacles and treats fly in his direction. Your main objective will be to avoid hitting the rocks, but misplaced collectibles like Pure Water and Bubbles will always prompt you to make risky moves to make sure you grab it all. All the while, your score steadily increases, while constantly dodging rocks slowly builds a streak that can skyrocket your score much higher.


Defeat famous opponents in musical duels. Stick to a fantastic story about Frederick’s efforts. Catch all the Easter eggs and subtle sketches hidden in the background. Practice your skills to perfection and become a piano master. The world of music is once again threatened. The art of live music that touches your heart is in danger of disappearing. The forces of evil you bravely fought have returned. And they are stronger and more desperate. Once again, you’ll have to step into the shoes of Frederick Shopin and take on rivals with one goal: to enslave the music world, mass-produce soulless artists with the same sounding radio hits, and in the process , everything. kind of creativity.


Quaver is published by Swan on July 10, 2020. The game is designed by Swan. Quaver is a typical representative of the Indie genre. Playing Quaver is fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the millionth hour in Indie, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Quaver’s exciting levels and gameplay will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of the game increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored. Quaver is an open-source, community-based competitive rhythm game with two game modes and an online leaderboard. Create your own maps or challenge the world in online multiplayer games.

Arrhythmia Project

“Project Arrhythmia” is a musical hell in which all beautiful things are deadly. A cacophony of lights, music, pulses and blocks, Project Arrhythmia features bullet hell-style gameplay where up to 4 players in local co-op must fight their way through evolving stages and obstacles, all timed to the beat. Project Arrhythmia aims to play the game as a Nanobot who must overcome various obstacles to match the music. Although the game has not yet received its official story mode as it is in early access, it does have a level editor that allows users to create their own and upload it to the Steam Workshop for you to enjoy. others can play. Stages are made up of fascinating musically timed scenes, each telling a story. Feel the rhythm and fight your way through the dangers. Anna will judge how you do.

frets on fire

Frets on Fire (FoF) is a free and open-source music video game developed by Finnish independent video game developer Unreal Voodoo. Players use the keyboard to score points, get high scores, and play with on-screen markers to complete a song. Frets on Fire Assembly won the 2006 game development competition.

The Easy level limits your challenge to playing single notes. The Medium level adds chords, and the Awesome level is described in the documentation as “anything goes”. Start slow despite the stripped down instrument, the weirdness of playing a keyboard takes some getting used to. But then clear your afternoon, because this game is addictive.

luxury ultrastar

UltraStar DX is an open source karaoke game similar to Singstar game. The game is simple. You hold a microphone and sing during play to score. Perform with up to six singers in UltraStar Deluxe, but you’ll need a microphone for each one. UltraStar Deluxe is a clone of UltraStar and its main innovations are the updated and more elegant interface and new attractive game modes. The Party game mode is the same one you can play in SingStar. Your objective is to win in the different events and games offered by the game: duel, blind call, up to 5000, etc. Ultrastar Deluxe is more than just karaoke, try it, it’s free.

Final Words: Best Music Games for Linux

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