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The best role-playing games are at home. Whether you want to slay monsters in the world of dark fantasy, delve into the mind-boggling labyrinths of the Darkest Dungeon, or pull off a sci-fi epic like Mass Effect, there’s an RPG for everyone on this list, no matter what. either your gender or your preferences. . of history, RPGs are much more than sword and sorcery. Like A Dragon, which offers a simulation of Japanese life as violent as it is moving, or Disco Elysium and its deep detective novel which is as much about unraveling as it is about murder. If you’re interested in complex stories, customization, exceptional characters, carefully crafted worlds, and the ability to transform into someone else, these games are worth checking out.

Linux users have always had a fondness for role-playing games (RPGs). Maybe it’s because delving into the history of a complicated RPG to uncover its secrets is a bit like reading the manual pages to understand how a particular piece of software works. Or it could be because RPGs offer the same level of customization and openness as Linux. RPGs can take you out of your daily grind and into a whole new life, with new worlds, new characters, and new conflicts that provide a break from the real world. You can spend hours immersed in the drama of Mass Effect’s space opera or days helping an amnesiac detective in Disco Elysium – there are so many possibilities. This is how you can choose the best RPGs for Linux.

Here is the list of the best RPGs for Linux

endless sky

Endless Sky is an open source clone of Ambrosia Software’s Escape Velocity series. Players control a spaceship and travel between worlds, delivering cargo or passengers, undertaking other missions along the way, or resorting to piracy and stealing freighters. The game allows the player to choose how they want to experience the game, and the very large map of the solar system is free to explore at their leisure.

This is a 2D space trading and combat game inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series. Go from a relatively weak shuttle, freighter or fighter jet to a highly modern and customized flagship or a huge fleet of warships or freighters. Earn money by transporting passengers or cargo, escorting convoys, hunting bounties, or looting and capturing enemy ships.

mine test

The game has semi-awful textures (especially to me), the textures look like a sheet of paper that’s been out for weeks and the faded look, grass and leaves are a piece of 2 flipped images and an angel. Explore and build in an open world with Minetest, a Minecraft clone.

Much like the game it is based on, Minetest features an open world where players can explore and build whatever they want. Minetest offers a wide range of block types and tools, making it a good Minecraft alternative for those looking for a more open-ended alternative. Beyond what comes with the base game, Minetest can be expanded with add-ons that add even more options.


FreeDink is an action role-playing game released by RTSoft in 1997. In 2008, the game data files, minus some audio files, were also released under an open license. FreeDink replaces these audio files with alternatives to provide a full game. The player character, the eponymous Dink Smallwood, explores a world map filled with hidden objects and caves as he progresses from mission to mission.

Due to its age, FreeDink won’t stand up to modern commercial games, but it’s still a fun game with a fun story. The game can be expanded through the use of D-Mods, which are add-ons that provide additional quests, but D-Mods vary widely in complexity, quality, and age. The main game is suitable for teenagers, but some of the add-ons are intended for an adult audience.


NetHack is a classic roguelike RPG. Players explore a multi-tiered dungeon among several different character races, classes, and alignments. The object of the game is to find Yendor’s Amulet. Players start at the first level of the dungeon and try to descend, and each level is randomly generated, giving each time a unique gameplay experience.

Although this game features ASCII graphics or simple tile graphics, the depth of the game more than makes up for the primitive graphics. Players who want less primitive graphics should try Vulture for NetHack, which offers better graphics as well as sound effects and background music.


This is a client for accessing various massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Mana World and Evol Online are the two open source games available, but there are other servers as well. The games feature 2D sprite graphics reminiscent of Super Nintendo games. While none of the ManaPlus powered games are as popular as some of the commercial alternatives, they do have some interesting worlds and at least some players are online most of the time.

Players are unlikely to encounter large groups of other players, but there are usually enough people to make MMORPGs, not single-player games that require a connection to a server. The developers of Mana World and Evol Online have joined forces for future development, but for now, the legacy server of Mana World and Evol Online offers different experiences.


Arakion is a modern take on a classic RPG formula. You take control of three heroes trying to survive in a world ravaged by war. Adventure in Arakion takes you out into the open, into deep dungeons, and even lets you control the rebuilding of a devastated city. A great evil that nearly destroyed Arakion in the past has returned. It’s up to you to create a group of heroes to fight against this darkness. The game takes place on two continents floating in the sky, as well as hundreds of smaller islands. Arakion has been ravaged by war and conflict for thousands of years and the landscape reflects this.

Character customization in Arakion is a refreshing take on the RPG leveling formula. Instead of abilities and stats after X experience, your decisions during the game affect your heroes. Each character starts with a single weapon, armor, and four abilities. You use the materials you find in the world to mold and shape your characters into the heroes they will become.

In good health

Hale is a turn-based RPG with deep tactical combat and character customization. A long and varied campaign with many quests, items and monsters is included, visiting a variety of locations. The entire system is designed to be editable from scratch. Cross-platform support using Java. Windows and Linux are supported.

A long, comprehensive campaign is included in the game. It includes lots of enemies, loot, crafting, and a variety of areas to explore. Deep tactical turn-based combat on a hexagonal grid. Extensive modding support without programming effort. New adventures can be created from scratch using the included editor. A clean and efficient user interface designed for use on Windows and Linux.

wasteland 2

Sequel to the original 1988 PC RPG Wasteland, revived by original director Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment with the return of many key members of the original development team. Wasteland 2 continues the story of the traveling Wasteland party, with Snake Vargas, Angela Deth, and other characters returning throughout the story.

Following the events of the original game, you are a member of a new team of Desert Rangers patrolling post-apocalyptic Arizona and investigating new threats to the scattered survivors of nuclear war. The Desert Rangers Echo Team is sent on a mission to find out what happened to the recently slain Ace, another party member from the original game, and lead through multiple locations with highly interactive environments and flexible story tracks and branched. .

Return of Shadowrun

The world of Shadowrun Returns is immediately engaging: the year is 2054, and magic has returned to earth. Humans now share the world with elves, trolls, orcs, and dwarves, all of whom not only have access to advanced technology, but powerful magic as well. You are a shadow runner, a mercenary, a hit man, but you are out of luck. Then you get a call from an old friend. Sure, he’s dead, but that’s not the weirdest thing you’ll encounter.

At the start of the game, you have the option of choosing your character’s gender, race, and class. This part feels like a real RPG, but maybe a bit streamlined. The race you choose has a small impact on some abilities, but you can still play any class. As for the classes, there are six in the game: Street Samurai, Mage, Decker, Shaman, Rigger and Body Adept.

Open MW

OpenMW is a free replica of the open-source game engine that reimplements the one that powers the 2002 open-world RPG The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind from Bethesda Softworks. The project aims to fix issues with the original engine, as Morrowind hasn’t had a support update or bug fix for many years.

The OpenMW engine is written in C++ and uses the Bullet physics engine, OpenAL-Soft for audio, MyGUI for window widgets, and SDL 2 for input. The OpenMW CS launcher and tool use Qt for their graphical user interfaces. All missions and other character options for Morrowind and its official expansions and add-ons are fully playable in OpenMW, as are many third-party mods.

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