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Perhaps even more so than in the real world, in video games races can be broken down into many different types. Rather than sticking to a niche defined by arcade classics like Pole Position, they’ve proliferated in a dizzying array. On the realistic side of things, today’s popular titles often include long-running Formula 1 and rally series currently dominated by those from Codemasters, especially the simracers we have all the latest news including peripheral recommendations and mod details.

Of course, the support’s fantastic, story-driven possibilities have also made kart racers from companies like Nintendo and Sega incredibly popular to the point of being console sellers. It also allowed the production of other sometimes bizarre spin-off subgenres like futuristic Wipeout and F-Zero racers, trick-based racers like Excite Truck and Turbo Golf Racing, and arcade-style adrenaline pumpers like Burnout or initial d.

The use of cops and robbers as a featured mechanic, or even just a popular gameplay style among fans, is popular in racing games. That wasn’t always the case – 1985’s Cops ‘n’ Robbers may have been a precursor to Grand Theft Auto, but there was no racing per se. Games like Outrun popularized the idea, but that’s only road rash that the idea of ​​combat was integrated. Meanwhile, cops and robbers is a lingering theme that continues to be prevalent in other genres. The Cops N Robbers: Pixel Craft Gun mobile game is a first-person shooter with Minecraft crafting and aesthetics, for example, while it’s web-based. Gala Casino Online Slots feature a game called Cops and Robbers Megaways. While these don’t have a race, the imagery of police vehicles in the latter still invokes the hunting trope. Although car chases are featured in non-console titles – one example, Robber Race, is yet another mobile game with a Minecraft-like style, purely focused on the getaway aspect – that’s not why we are here. Without further ado, here’s the pick of the best car chase action to grace the consoles.

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered

It’s probably the gold standard example of the purest distillation of the cops and robbers race. Originally released in 2010, this 10-year anniversary edition bumps up the specs as you might expect, bringing the sub-series to all major platforms, including a nintendo console for the first time in the form of the Switch edition, where it still works well. While the reviews weren’t totally stellar, the arcade style is as solid as expected, and we like that it strips the grease of modern gaming and goes straight to racing, with a glut of cars available.

The crew 2

As far as open-world racers go, Ubisoft’s The Crew 2 is arguably one of the best offerings around. It is only the third year after its release that the fan demands for prosecution were eventually methowever, with many options for vehicles decorated as police interceptors to join the generally wide selection.

the getaway

Those who remember this one might be shocked to learn that it’s actually 20 years old. Although often described as a “Grand Theft Auto clone”, The Getaway wasn’t released until shortly after the first 3D GTA game, GTA 3, meaning development was happening at the same time. Set on some of London’s most claustrophobic streets, the roads are narrower and the tone more moody than Rockstar’s series. The game was even banned in Australia because of a graphic torture scene! Since the story follows a dual perspective, that of an ex-con and that of a police detective, players experience chases from multiple angles. After a less successful second entry, the third game in the series has been canned, though fans are still expect a return from the Soho team underestimated frankness.

The use of the chase mechanic is popular among game developers, with many classics not on this list like Midtown Madness and even fan-made versions like in Forza Horizon 5, to the point where even science runners -fiction like F-Zero GX incorporate the idea of ​​crushing rivals in the story. So we can expect the idea to persist for the foreseeable future.

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Star Wars: 10 Best Forgotten Video Games Mon, 08 Aug 2022 18:00:00 +0000

Lucasfilm’s choice to end LucasArts was considered by fans to be one of the company’s worst decisions. Following this monumental change, Lucasfilm signed a 10-year licensing agreement with EA to exclusively produce star wars video games. In those 10 years, EA had only produced five games (including the upcoming Jedi: Survivor).

Unfortunately, during EA’s time with the franchise, they chose to prioritize their own IP address. star wars and therefore more star wars games were canceled that occurred during their tenure. Although EA delivered some really fun games, nothing compares to the heyday of LucasArts in the 90s and 2000s, as tons of games were produced every year.


ten Star Wars: Episode I – Battle for Naboo

Naboo Starfighter engages a droid control ship in Star Wars Episode I Battle for Naboo.

Using similar gameplay, Battle for Naboo has been called by many as a spiritual sequel to the classic Thieves Squadron Game. Although the games have similar mechanics, a completely new game engine has been created for this game.

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Another really cool element added by the game was ground combat, allowing players to use more vehicles such as tanks, speeders, and personnel carriers. Even 22 years later, Battle for Naboo is always a ton of fun to play.

9 Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing

Super Bombad Racing

Truly a unique product of its time, Super Bombad Racing was the third and final pod racing game. This entry was a huge departure from the previous two games as it included main characters from the original and prequel trilogies as well as a completely different art style.

Although the game didn’t have much to do with movies or shows, it still let players have fun with fast-paced gameplay. Mario Kart-inspired racing game with all their favorite characters.

8 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Game Concept

Over the years, Lucasfilm has become increasingly secretive about its upcoming projects, but during George Lucas’ time at Lucasfilm, things were much less strict. It even went so far as to release LEGO Star Wars: The Video Games and the game adaptation of Episode III weeks before the film.

The Revenge of the Sith The game even included complete scenes from the movie as part of the game’s cutscenes. Although the game was fairly linear, it gave fans a fun way to use the various force abilities. The game almost feels like a precursor to The Force Unleashed.

seven Star Wars: Rebel Assault II

Rebel Assault II was so ahead of its time. Using technology similar to the original mortal combat games, live actors with real props were filmed and superimposed on the game.

The game plays like a rail shooter, but also features vehicular combat, leaving something for everyone star wars Fans. Developed by a mere group of 15 people, the game was completed in just 18 months, a time frame now considered impossible for a video game, according to Youtube discovery.

6 Star Wars: Dark Forces

dark forces was LucasArts’ response to Loss. The level design has been widely praised as the player embarks on a sprawling adventure across the galaxy, featuring planets such as Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant, five years before their debut in The Phantom Menace.

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Prior to the creation of the new Canon, dark forces was the true origin of how the original Death Star blueprints were stolen. The game follows former Imperial Kyle Katarn who works as a mercenary for the Rebel Alliance. His character’s entire story is one that Star Wars fans want to see adapted to Canon.

5 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars video game (2002)

preceding the two clone wars animated series, The Clone Wars the video game was released to coincide with the release of the home video of attack of the clones. Even in the past 20 years, not many people have talked about this game.

Developed by Pandemic, the game introduced many similar mechanics that the studio would later reuse in their 2 battle front games a few years later. The game begins with the Battle of Geonosis before transitioning into an original story set shortly after Episode II where players can take on the role of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Mace Windu.

4 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Dash Rendar in Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire is the gold standard for star wars video games with many citing it as one of the best retro Star Wars games. Released in 1996, the game was part of a large multimedia project by Lucasfilm also dubbed Shadows of the Empire. A line of toys, comics, books, a video game and even a complete original score have been created in this Thrillist called “a multimedia event designed to reach the scale of a new star wars movie… without making a new one star wars film.”

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The game opens with the Battle of Hoth, sending players straight into the action in a snow speeder. Shadows of the Empire also introduced fans to Dash Rendar, who quickly became a fan favorite. However, it has yet to physically appear in any Canon projects to date.

3 Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Game Jango Fett Count Dooku

Considered by many fans to be one of the best star wars games, there hasn’t been much talk about it lately. Bounty hunter is a story centered on Jango Fett and follows him before the events of his appearance in Episode IIattack of the clones.

The game explores his origins as well as his first encounter with Count Dooku. In terms of gameplay, there are many features and different gadgets that Fett can use. It was way ahead of its time and should be used as a template for all future open-world Star Wars games with a bounty hunter.

2 Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

While the EA version of the game has now achieved massive popularity, Battlefront II was originally released with issues and criticism regarding the introduction of microtransactions that required players to spend money to win. After undoing that, the game ended up being solid online multiplayer.

Even years later, Battlefront II still has an active community with new mods and maps being created regularly. Although the game already has so much content, there are thousands of free add-ons to install that will ensure players never get bored.

1 Star Wars Galaxies

Promotional artwork for Star Wars Galaxies

With popular MMOs like World of Warcraft and RunescapeLucasArts has partnered with Sony Online Entertainment to create Star Wars Galaxies to compete in the market. The game was very popular and had three expansion packs. After the release of the final expansion, the game still remained active among players until its eventual shutdown to guide in The old republichis successor.

Star Wars Galaxies was the ultimate escape for any fan of the franchise, allowing the player to truly experience what it’s like to live in the fictional world. Despite the game being shut down, emulations of the game still exist, allowing players to return to the game world. All emulations are free and remain open to this day.

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Split-screen image of Werewolf by Night and Brother Voodoo

10 Midnight Suns Members Who Didn’t Appear In The Trailer

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10 licensed versions of classic board games Mon, 08 Aug 2022 02:39:20 +0000

Board game companies are turning to pop culture to refresh their games. Classics like Monopoly Where Chess have been around for decades, while some more recently invented games are marking their place on board game shelves. Since these classics have been around for so long, they often need something to freshen them up.

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From TV shows to video games to movies, there are licensed properties that have been adapted into board games new and old. franchises like star warsand the Lord of the Rings lend themselves to certain types of games that give fans a new look at familiar characters and places. Often these games expand on the lore of a series, and other times they allow players to create their own version of the story.

ten Star Trek: Catania Enters the Final Frontier

Settlers of Catan is to carve out a place in the world and build new civilizations, while star trek is to travel in space and meet new civilizations. In Star Trek Cataniaplayers start with two outposts on three small planets and collect resources, such as dilithium, tritanium, food, oxygen and water, in order to build spaceships and travel to new new planets.

Once on these new planets, players build starbases and grow through the endgame. The game features ships and locations from the series as well as supporting maps featuring characters like Kirk, Spock and Uhura.

9 Star Wars Risk is a galactic battle

There are several versions of Star Wars Risk which include a clone wars 2005 edition, an original 2006 trilogy edition and a general edition star wars version of 2015. This latest version allows players to play the end of Return of the Jedi. Players control either the Rebellion or the Empire, with ship parts for each side, and attempt to defeat or defend the Death Star.

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The original edition of the trilogy features the Hutts along with the Rebels and the Empire on a quest to conquer the galaxy. The clone wars edition is a battle of the Republic against the separatists. Each game gives great strategic star wars experience for any fan.

8 Write a new story in Game of Thrones Risk

When game of thrones ended, many fans felt let down by the finale. Fortunately, there is Risk: Game of Thrones for these fans to pick up and play, creating their own battle for Westeros. Players control one of the noble houses during the War of the Five Kings and the rise to power of Danerys.

There are three ways to play the game, including the standard Risk rules, an advanced version with objectives and character roles, and the World At War mode. This latest mode combines the two maps from the previous two modes and adds up to seven players in a challenge to win the Iron Throne.

seven Star Wars takes the battleship from the ocean to space

The Battleship the film brought space to the sea, and Star Wars Battleship takes the sea into space. Battleship involved two players setting up multiple ships on a grid, then taking turns launching attacks to destroy all of their enemies’ ships first.

This star wars version swaps boats for iconic starships like the X-Wing and Tie Fighter, pitting the Rebels against the Empire. The theme of the game is very fitting for a galactic war, and according to an unwritten rule, players must execute Darth Vader “NOOOOOO” when a ship is destroyed, to both laugh and honor the meme.

6 Relax in the Shire with Lord of the Rings Chess

One of the oldest strategy games, Chess was played long before The One Ring was created. the Lord of the Rings Chess has beautifully crafted miniatures and keeps the battle of good versus evil going as players play on the side of Sauron or the Fellowship.

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Both sides feature familiar characters like Gollum, Gandalf, and Frodo, among many others. There are no extra lenses or lenses in this release, but displaying this set on a coffee table can accent any room to feel like Rivendale or the Shire for any fan of the series .

5 Halo Bang! Features Red Vs. Blue

Bang! is a combat-based card game normally set in the Wild West. Players role-play and play cards to initiate actions like shooting other characters. The Halo the games feature a multiplayer mode where players shoot each other, either one-on-one or team-on-team.

Bang! : Halo combines the two, pitting players against each other in a multiplayer stage with weapons, gear, and vehicles familiar to fans of the franchise. Halo works extremely well for this fast-paced battle card game and is great fun when friends need it fast Halo repair and there is no console in sight.

4 Operation Spider-Man Requires Some Weird Elements To Be Removed

In Operation: Spider-Man Origins, players assume the role of Doctor Octopus, who is lucky enough to have an unconscious Spider-Man on his operating table. The game is aimed at a younger audience, so players must carefully remove strange items from the hero like bricks, a coin, or the head of a golf club.

It’s a rather odd set of items, but there are the standard items like ribs and hearts. Operation: Spider-Man Origins captures the fun and challenge of the original game, but now with a Spider-Man theme, which is great fun for young fans.

3 Don’t sink to the bottom in Pirates of the Caribbean Stratego

normal Stratego, players place their pieces on the board face to face, like in chess, but in a configuration that only they know. Pieces are then moved around the board, landing on squares and facing each other. The winner is the one who discovers the other’s “Flag Piece” first.

In Stratego: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, players set up pieces on the board that all feature characters from the movies, simulating the big battle from the third movie. It’s a pirate battle against Davey Jones and the East India Trading Company.

2 Seinfeld Clue is the thriller about nothing

Index is the mystery game of “Whodunnit?” which usually includes a mansion with many rooms, suspicious characters, and dastardly weapons. In Seinfeld Indexthe locations on the board are all based on locations in the series like Jerry’s or Elaine’s apartment, George’s office, and Monk’s restaurant.

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Players can choose from characters like Kramer or J. Peterman to play as, and weapons include icons like the Festivus Pole and Marble Rye. It really is a game for nothing for fans who love the show for nothing.

1 Monopoly has a monopoly on licensing

There are dozens of licensed versions of Monopoly, and since gaming is about acquiring properties, each licensed version is just a fresh coat of paint for the original game. The Chance and Community Chest cards as well as every space on the board and the pieces for players to use are all themed around the respective franchises.

It really depends on what the player’s favorite game, show, anime, comic or franchise might be. Some of the coolest out there include Monopoly versions of Doctor Who, The simpsons, star wars, ghost hunters, jurassic park, stranger things, Sailor Moon, Transformersand World of Warcraft.

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Five New Steam Games You Probably Missed (August 8, 2022) Mon, 08 Aug 2022 01:08:59 +0000

On average, a dozen new games are released on Steam every day. And while we think that’s a good thing, it can be hard to keep up. Potentially exciting gems are sure to be lost in the deluge of new things to play, unless you sort through every game released on Steam. So that’s exactly what we did. If nothing appeals to you this week, we’ve rounded up the best PC games (opens in a new tab) you can play right now and a running list of 2022 games (opens in a new tab) which start this year.


Steam page‌ ‌ (opens in a new tab)‌ ‌
Released:‌ August 5
Developer:‌ Passion Republic Games
Introductory price:‌ ‌$35 |‌ ‌£27.79 ‌|‌ ‌AU$53