Do you have a OnePlus phone? Here are 7 apps you need to use

OnePlus phones have always been known for the satisfying user experience provided by OxygenOS. In addition to this, several third-party apps suitable for OnePlus devices in particular have also surfaced and further enhance the experience of using your phone.

In this article, we have introduced some of the best apps for OnePlus devices that you should be using. From a useful utility app to an app that animates your wallpaper, we’ve got it all covered.


1. Oxygen Update

Oxygen Updater is probably the best companion app you can install on your OnePlus device. The app eliminates the excruciatingly long time most OTA updates typically take to roll out globally.

Once installed, the app automatically identifies your phone model and lets you choose between a stable or beta update route. The next time OnePlus releases a new update for your phone, Oxygen Updater will let you download the update package, so you can manually update OxygenOS on your phone.

Along with displaying changelogs and device information, the app also keeps you up to date with relevant OnePlus news.

To download: Oxygen Updater (Free, in-app purchases available)

For the super fans among us, we know how community-driven OnePlus was in its early days. Despite recent controversy following its merger with Oppo, you’d be surprised how welcoming the OnePlus community is.

Every OnePlus phone comes with the community app pre-installed which you can log into using a OnePlus account. For those familiar with community forums, the app will feel right at home.

There are dedicated forums for individual OnePlus phones that are a good place to talk about updates or report bugs. OnePlus also occasionally runs contests for members of its community that you can enter.

You can follow other people, create your own posts, and even collect medals and experience points that you can showcase on your profile. The community app is a great way to keep up to date, not just on your phone, but on smartphones and technology in general.

To download: OnePlus Community (Free)

3. Clone Phone

Formerly known as OnePlus Switch, this app fulfills a very basic need. If you’re upgrading to a newer phone, this makes the transfer process extremely seamless. All you need is the Clone Phone app installed on both phones, and you’re a QR code scan away from restoring your apps and data.

Items you can back up include apps, photos, videos, music, and just about every type of document. The app does a good job of migrating data without causing any crashes or corruption issues on your new phone. Unfortunately, you can no longer use this app as a local backup tool. Luckily, there are other ways you can take a full backup of your Android phone.

To download: Clone Phone (Free)

Unfortunately, this one is more of a need than just a nice-to-have app, thanks to the slowness of the stock gallery app on OnePlus devices. Gallery by Google is a very simple photo app that has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Over time, it can recognize patterns in your photos and automatically sort them into categories like selfies, pets, or food. It also brings some editing tools to quickly touch up your photos.

Gallery by Google even works offline and has a built-in dark mode. Alternatively, you can use Google Photos itself for even greater categorization and features like Google Lens integration and cloud backup.

To download: Gallery by Google (Free)

5. Zen Mode

We all sometimes struggle to focus on the task at hand and our smartphones contribute a lot to the distraction. OnePlus first introduced Zen Mode as a quick toggle in previous OxygenOS iterations, and now it’s become its own app, full of additional themes and more options.

The concept behind Zen Mode is incredibly simple. You set a timer for a certain number of minutes or hours and your phone practically turns into dead weight until the timer resets. You can still take and make emergency calls, but you won’t be notified.

The app offers a few themes with preset music that can boost your productivity if you choose not to turn it off. Zen mode also allows you to create a room where you can invite your friends or family to participate in a mini digital detox together.

To download: Zen Mode (free)

6. OnePlus Games

OnePlus phones are well known for their gaming capabilities, and the OnePlus Games app is a great hub to keep track of all your digital adventures. The app displays a list of all the games you have installed with a one-click button to launch them.

OnePlus Games also serves as a catalog for the most popular games available on the Play Store. You can read user reviews which are often more detailed than what you find on the Play Store.

The app has a nifty gallery that has all your game screenshots and screen recordings neatly organized in folders. You can also view stats like the hours you’ve spent per game to better manage your time.

Each game also has a community tab where you can find related news and videos. Any games launched using this app will also enable game mode and improve things like performance and network connectivity by blocking other apps and notifications.

To download: OnePlus Games (Free)

7. WellPaper

With apps that help you counter your growing smartphone addiction, many developers have gotten creative while working for the good of others. WellPaper is an intuitive digital wellness app that takes the form of a live wallpaper on your home screen.

The app was developed by OneLab, a creative team working within OnePlus itself. WellPaper has half a dozen live wallpapers that keep you informed about your screen time and which apps you use the most.

The Botanical Garden wallpaper, for example, features seven different colored flowers that each represent a category like entertainment, social media, or education. The size of each flower then lets you know which category you spent too much time in throughout the day.

While limited and oversimplified wallpapers may not appeal to everyone, the app can help reduce your screen time by consciously reminding you every once in a while.

To download: WellPaper (Free)

Get the most out of your OnePlus device

The apps we’ve handpicked all work very well with OnePlus devices and complement the experience of using them.

With the growing number of features added by OxygenOS with each new update, there is much more to discover and enjoy with your OnePlus phone.

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