Every Riot Games title coming to Xbox Game Pass and their benefits

Xbox and Bethesda’s June showcase was full of surprises, from gameplay reveals for some of the most anticipated games of the next 12 months to announcements of all-new indie titles. Amid the onslaught of reveals, the Xbox and Bethesda showcase found the time to announce that Riot Games partners with Xbox to bring some of its biggest titles to the Xbox family of consoles, PC and mobile via Xbox Game Pass.

Currently, five Riot Games titles have been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass, each also bringing a host of exclusive bonus content to those who play the games through Game Pass. For anyone who has yet to jump on these world famous titles this is the perfect incentive to do so, and for those who have been playing for years there are some great bonuses that should keep them playing again. Longer.


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League of Legends

One of the greatest games around the world, League of Legends is heading to Xbox Game Pass on PC. For those who have never tried the infamous MOBA, they should know that the gameplay is mostly about picking a champion with a unique set of abilities and working alongside four other players to destroy the opposing team’s base. The text chat can get a little toxic at times, which can be off-putting to newcomers, but the game itself is great and has basically informed the whole genre ever since.

For those who play League of Legends via Xbox Game Pass, they will have access to all the champions in the game. With over 160 champions in League of Legends, Game Pass users will be spoiled for choice. And to make things even better, Game Pass subscribers will also have access to all new champions on release day at no additional cost.

League of Legends: Savage Rift

A League of Legends experience designed only for mobile devices, League of Legends: Savage Rift takes the same addictive MOBA gameplay from the PC version and condenses it into an intuitive and smooth mobile experience. Those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass will also have access to all the champions of League of Legends: Savage Rift, with day one access for all new champions as well, just like the PC version. There are currently just over 80 champions in this version of the MOBA pillar.

Legends of Runeterra

Inspired by the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, Legends of Runeterra takes the iconic Champions of the League of Legends series and throws them into a competitive card game. Players will need to effectively combine their cards to earn bonuses and gain an advantage over their opponent. For those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, they can now unlock the Foundations set for free, which includes the Demacia, Frelijord, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover and Zaun maps, and The Shadow Isles – everything a new player needs. need to start.

Teamfight Tactics

Another one League of Legends spin off, Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battling game where players take an iconic champion from the series and equip them with a range of items that affect how they fight. Players face seven other champions in a given match, with the winner being the one who has effectively combined their champions and items. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive a Tier One Little Legends avatar, which acts as their in-game character sprite.


The newest hero shooter to take off and become a hit, Valorant may seem like a Surveillance Where Team Fortress 2 clone, but the visceral shooter and its unique cast of characters, each with memorable abilities, help set the game apart from its competitors. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have immediate access to all 18 agents in this Riot Games title, and will also receive day one access to all new Agents who come to Valorant in the near future.

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