Few wanted the limited edition Nothing phone (1)

The Nothing Phone (1) had its ups and downs for a few weeks. We first took a look at the phone a few days ago before a full hands-on video tour showed off its neatly integrated LED lights that have been included on the back. Positive visits aside, the design was also teased a bit as an iPhone 12 clone, although some of us (Tim and I) like the look and the lightweight idea. It’s at least something different in a sea of nothing but the same.

Between all the design reveals and jokes about the iPhone 12, Nothing has launched an exclusive auction for the Nothing Phone (1) via StockX, just like they did with their original headphones. The DropX listing was for 100 limited-edition Phone(1) devices that would be serialized with a number for those whose bids would win. Since I mentioned that Nothing had a few weeks of ups and downs, let me just say that this DropX situation seems to be quite negative.

The 2-day auction for 100 limited editions of Nothing Phone (1) only managed to attract 147 bids, according to the listing which closed this morning, June 23, at 8:59 a.m. EST. East. There are some ridiculous deals around the $3,000 mark, but if Nothing actually confirms that the top 100 phones are getting them all, someone could walk away with this limited device for as low as $812.

Now, we don’t know how much Nothing expects to sell this phone for. They might be asking for $400, $600, or $800 (or $500?), but given that only 147 people signed up to buy this limited model and can walk away with one for as little as $812, I can’t imagining this auction being reviewed as any kind of success. I’m no marketing genius, but a limited run of devices – essentially a one-of-a-kind situation – should get more attention than 147 people.

Then again, the news this week that Nothing decided not to launch Phone (1) in the US couldn’t have helped. There was a giant warning on the DropX page telling users to beware if they were in North America because the phone wouldn’t work well there. We then speculated that American plans for Nothing were on hold and those thoughts were later confirmed by the company.

Maybe the lack of offers means nothing at the end. Maybe everyone is waiting to hear more, get the full set of specs, and the price. Maybe StockX/DropX users are mostly located in North America and not interested in paying too much for a phone that will barely work here. Or maybe OnePlus’ launch playbook is an immediate turn-off for the tech-obsessed crowd this phone is aimed at?

Did we mention that Nothing is doing an invitation system for the phone (1)? He h.

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