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The Xbox and all its evolutions are among the most famous consoles in the world of video games. With Microsoft making the Xbox 360, Series X, and Series S, it’s less common these days for gamers to plug in an original Xbox. If they do, he’s likely to play some of the best-selling games that have since become classics, like Halo 2 or Fable. These are series that have transcended the original Xbox and been moved to other platforms. Still, some games were popular but never adapted to new consoles. Others have been completely forgotten.

Even if a game is not famous on Xbox, it deserves to be picked up and watched, even if it is purely based on its images. In this case, it’s worth judging a book by its cover, because a good cover can be a gateway to quirky and enjoyable gameplay.


5 Sneakers

In the puzzle game Sneakers, players control Apollo Mouse and his rodent companions as they hunt prowling rats. The mice explore multiple locations, from an alley and house to a bridge, while searching for the kidnapped brother of one of the mice. The gameplay focuses on the characters exploring and battling in the massive environment, whether it’s throwing flying kicks at rats or rolling giant apples.

This game’s cover art has as many cartoon comedies as the game itself. The atmosphere is similar to Stuart Little and Ratatouille, where a mouse acts the same as humans. Apollo, the leader, takes up most of the space. He wears a t-shirt, jacket, and (as the name suggests) sneakers to give him the look of a skateboarder. In the background, the rest of the mice are fighting black rats.

4 X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse

X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse is an action RPG in which players create a team of four characters from the Brotherhood of Mutants and the X-Men, who team up to defeat a greater evil, Apocalypse. This villain kidnaps several characters and plans to use them to make himself more powerful. New characters and powers can be unlocked as players progress, and items enhance their powers. Combos between character attacks encourage players to experiment with team compositions.

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The cover shows Apocalypse’s massive face looming in the background, angry with a growl and glowing eyes. Ahead of him, the X-Men, including Wolverine and Storm, fight alongside their previous rivals in The Brotherhood such as Magneto. Power courses through their hands as they prepare to battle the villain behind them.

3 Fuzion’s Frenzy

Fuzion’s Frenzy is a board game that features six characters to choose from, 45 different mini-games, and two game modes. games and have a continuous tally of scores. The other mode is a “tournament” where players travel through multiple areas and earn points through randomized mini-games. Unlike games like mario party, Fuzion’s Frenzy does not include a game board. Instead, three mini-games are played in each area, and at the end of each area, players compete in “Fuzion Frenzy” where they can wager their points. The player with the most points at the end of all areas wins.

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This cover shows one of many minigames, Sumo. As the title suggests, it’s a lot like a sumo match, where players try to knock themselves out of the designated area and be the last one standing. In this version, players are on a raised platform and roll through caged balls. The case shows the bright and dynamic colors of the game and the characters ready to fight to win.

2 Blinx: The Time Sweeper

In this action platformer, players take on the role of Blinx, a humanoid cat who tries to prevent the end of a world and save his princess from an evil gang. Her weapon is a vacuum that not only sucks and pulls objects in the environment, but also has time-controlling powers. These include slowing down, speeding up, reversing and stopping time, as well as recording a moment. Blinx must use the power of his vacuum cleaner and his feline reflexes to cross the different zones and fight the enemies.

In the center of the cover is Blinx wearing human clothes and goggles, a determined smile on her face. He proudly holds his vacuum cleaner as if ready for combat. At the corner of the title are clock parts. Blinx’s contrasting colors being bright and the dark alley behind him emphasizes the character.

1 Destroy all humans!

Destroy all humans! is an open-world action-adventure game. The main character is the alien Crypto who must collect DNA from humans to help save his race from extinction. He must also investigate the disappearance of his predecessor clone. Players help Crypto overthrow the United States government and help him pose as the new president. People can terrorize humans, acquire an assortment of weapons and abilities, destroy cities, and drive flying saucers.

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On the cover, Crypto stands with a gun raised and ready to fight. His anger is accentuated by his sharp teeth, frown, and bright red eyes. The gun in his hands glows with yellow energy. In the background, a city is on fire as humans run in fear. A flying saucer floats in the air and whirls a cow in the sky while a single person stands with a weapon raised to oppose the alien invasion.

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