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Most players know Roblox like an online game with hundreds of unique mini-games. The popular and imaginative gaming platform appeared in 2006 and has been growing steadily. Modernity Roblox has over 43 million daily users who are actively involved in gaming or creating content for gaming.

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As such, there’s no shortage of really creative things on the platform that keep players engaged every time they jump into a game. Roblox supports all kinds of games, from open-world shooters to RPGs and sports games. Wrestling games are one such genre, and the popular gaming platform offers several good ones.

ten 2X22 Wrestling

2X22 wrestling is the ultimate Roblox game for players who want the most realistic wrestling experience on the platform. The game features various mechanics and allows players to fight as their favorite WWE Where AEW wrestlers. If that’s not enough, the game also offers several creative modes.

The Creation Suite allows players to create their entry and truly embody what it means to be a wrestling superstar. Additionally, players can also create or modify their own move set. 2X22 Wrestling features modes such as exhibition, role-playing, and real-time federations.


Although not exactly a professional wrestling game, BOXING BETA! is a fighting game that focuses on timed strikes and dodging. The game is a mix of real boxing and wrestling, like when Floyd Mayweather fought Big Show. BOXING BETA! is really polite Roblox title even though it is only in its beta phase.

The game allows players to access the boxing gym, learn new mechanics, and change outfits and gloves. In addition, BOXING BETA! offers a simple gameplay design that involves using health and stamina wisely while attacking the opponent to break their block counter.

8 R2: All Elite Wrestling

here’s one for everyone All Elite Wrestling fans who want a AEW game to play before the real thing comes out. R2: All Elite Wrestling is the most definitive way to enjoy AEWand it’s free on Roblox. The game aims to give players access to wrestling shows like “AEW Dynamite” and “AEW DARK”, where they can truly live out their wrestling fantasies.

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With the R2 editor, the game allows players to create moving screens, entrances, dynamic light, and more. The faithfully recreated arenas are enough for everyone to try this one out.

seven Crate match!

Despite its simple nature and simple name, Crate match! is one of the most popular games on Roblox. It currently has over 23,000 likes and is a true luchador pro wrestling experience. The game describes itself as a wrestling simulator, which it is, looking at features like the leveling system and the experience bar.

Crate match! also offers players a chance to train their pro wrestlers, improve in the ring, and change up their gimmicks. The game has several unlockable masks and suits that will allow anyone to modify their wrestler as they progress.

6 boxing league

boxing league is another fighting game that combines the speed of wrestling and the precision of boxing. It is a close combat game that allows players to run and attack while maintaining their stamina. boxing league currently sits at over 233,000 likes, which is proof enough that this is an extremely fun game.

The game is all about building unique strategies and overcoming the opponent’s specialties in the middle of the ring. It also has other essential features, such as an upgrade system with attributes such as strength, speed, dexterity and endurance.

5 Undisputed fight

Undisputed fight is a wrestling game about real fights, also known as mixed martial arts. This game allows players to fight in the octagon and become the next great ultimate fighting champion. Since Undisputed fight imitates real combat sports such as MMA and UFC, it provides players with different fighting methods.

The game has features that allow players to be boxers, kick-boxers or wrestlers and customize their fighting style on the fly. Players can build and manage their league in-game as they battle for the crown to become the champion.

4 WWE 2K22

As the name suggests, WWE 2K22 is a Roblox interpretation of the popular wrestling game released in March 2022. Since it is a clone of a WWE 2K game, it offers players Roblox versions of famous WWE Superstars such as John Cena, Roman Reigns and AJ Styles. However, this does not limit the player’s creativity in any way.

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WWE 2K22 | Roblox Wrestling has multiple features that allow players to customize their wrestler. They can even become SpongeBob if they want. The game also allows players to sit back and enjoy wrestling others in the ring or gear up and fight in Hell in a Cell.

3 Ultimate WWE Role Play 2

Ultimate WWE Role Play 2 is still in its beta phase. However, it already has enough content for hardcore RPG fans who want to experience what it’s like to become a WWE Super star. The game features over a hundred real shots and finishers. It also features several unique taunts and entries and allows players to experience their WWE fancy.

In addition, Ultimate WWE Role Play 2 allows players to buy properties, buy rings, explore the city and live their lives as WWE Super star. Currently, a general manager mode is in the works which will allow players to book their preferred type of wrestling shows.

2 R2: WWE 2K21

R2: WWE 2K21 is a Roblox wrestling game where players compete as WWE superstars in a fully automated wrestling system. The game’s official page describes it as “the original, top-notch ROBLOX wrestling experience”, which is certainly due to the amount of stuff it contains.

R2: WWE 2K21 allows players to create fully dynamic entries and headline the biggest stage of all, WrestleMania. The game also features matches such as Royal Rumble, an all-time favorite for most wrestling fans, and has a server limit of 20 players.

1 Battle Legends

Finally, there is Battle Legends, a wrestling game for people who like the intensity of an MMA/UFC gym fight. The game features multiple octagons and feels like a really legit wrestling experience. It offers proper cutscenes for ring entrances, a round system, and a queue buffer system.

Battle Legends also feature a simple control system and is currently being developed. The game’s latest update was released at the end of June 2022, and over 35,000 players have already listed it as their favorites on Roblox.

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