Games that effectively use a day and night cycle

A well-implemented day/night cycle can work wonders when it comes to creating immersive video games. Sometimes a bittersweet scene is all the more symbolic with a setting sun as a backdrop, or maybe it’s nice to pause, sit with your character and watch the sun come up. .

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Changing backgrounds are undoubtedly beautiful, but some games not only use day and night cycles to enhance the atmosphere, but also to make the games mechanics much more meaningful. The best day and night cycles can completely transform a video game, as evidenced by the following titles.

ten Minecraft

The first game that comes to mind for many gamers when they think of day and night cycles is Minecraft. Those playing Survival mode for the first time probably got a bit of a scare once the Creepers started appearing and shook up all expectations of a peaceful world.

Although a simple concept, an added layer of difficulty at night alters the optimal playstyle and forces players to strategically plan their crafting, collecting, and building. Unless, of course, you’d rather forgo any night terrors and go into creative mode instead.

9 terrariums

Whereas terrariums may look like a 2D clone of Minecraft At first glance, the game differs not only in its style, but also in the way it handles day and night. In addition to monsters appearing at night, events such as the dreaded Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse have a chance to appear, making the passage of time much less predictable.

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Since the digging of underground tunnels in terrariums plays such an important role in the core gameplay loop, day and night can seem insignificant. However, those who want to feel the changes in the sky no matter where they travel can take the Stylist’s Time Hair Dye for 5 gold for an indicator always at hand.

8 don’t starve

Day and night are expected in survival games, but don’t starve makes the mechanic all the more brutal as vision is greatly impaired and sanity quickly falls away for both character and player. Luckily, torches only take 2 cut grass and 2 twigs to craft which will keep the monster of the night at bay.

Players shouldn’t get too comfortable though, as Seasons and Ruins can upset the typical balance of day and night. However, those who are discouraged need not try to survive alone, as the game’s multiplayer suite Don’t starve together allows players to suffer alongside their friends.

seven Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While many titles peg their days and nights down to minutes, the animal crossing The series sets itself apart by having the game’s time map over real-world time. Or on someone’s game console internal time, at least.

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Watch the sunset in Animal Crossing: New Horizons along with real life can be fun on its own, but the time of day also affects several events and mechanics. In addition to insects and fish that only spawn at specific times, you will have to wait until nightfall to catch Twig Spirit Pieces Where observe the stars with Celeste.

6 dying light

What takes a quiet, peaceful night and makes it terrifying? Zombies. dying light is one of many zombie survival titles where the sunset fills players with existential dread. If a player’s safe house is heavily fortified, maybe a nap until morning won’t feel too bad…unless a storm comes along and knocks out the power.

For those less keen on gritty realism, there’s also Zomboid Project, although the cute graphics don’t make it any less terrifying. After a few scary jumps while running through the forest under cover of night, hijacking a vehicle and nervously driving until sunrise may be the superior option.

5 The Witcher 3

Geralt of Rivia’s job as a monster slayer is made possible by his skills on the track as much as his combat prowess. Examining the footsteps and lairs of terrifying monsters found across the Witcher The show is part of the Witcher craft, even if the villagers never seem to get it. The time of day is just as much a clue as the howling wind.

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The Witcher 3 isn’t the only game to let the time of day play a key role in monster hunting. Pokemonfans eager to catch them all should also keep the Sun’s position in mind in order to fully fill their Pokedex.

Stealth action game and fifth entry in the Solid metal gear series, Phantom pain taken the survival aspects of snake eater and multiplies them. While it’s hard not to miss the joys of eating unfortunate reptiles in the middle of a jungle, Phantom pain offers players plenty of opposition in the form of nighttime sandstorms among other unfortunate weather conditions.

Konami’s decision to shift gears with the series to create Metal Gear Survive may have been myopic when they already had a unique stealth/survival hybrid on their hands. Nights have been made even more compelling with Naked Snakes’ endless combos of comical ways to take out enemies.

3 Warcraft 3

Anyone who’s ever been the victim of a Photon Cannon Rush knows the importance of visibility in RTS games. Warcraft 3 added an extra layer to this worry with the introduction of a day and night cycle. Just as important as the resources available is when a player chooses to launch their siege.

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Factions receive bonuses based on the time of day. Humans and Orcs are able to regenerate by day, and Night Elves are gods who merge shadows under the cover of night. Why wait for time to pass? With a Ancient of Wonders and enough Moonstones at his disposal, time is really only a construction.

2 the dogma of the dragon

Whether the dogma of the dragon wasn’t already such a dark setting on its own, the night helps to make it all the more unsettling. Beasts everywhere and all the more eager to attack, but those who have chosen the Assassin class are only emboldened to fight back.

Magic: The Gathering players are likely familiar with the concept of spells and abilities at the mercy of the sun and moon. Even so, it’s nice to feel those effects, albeit to a lesser degree, in an action RPG. Of course, that’s not to say that the Sorcerer’s High Maelstrom skill needs anything to make it more overpowered.

1 V rising

A game with vampires has to have meaningful day and night systems, right? Well, many forgo that opportunity and choose to set the game entirely at night. Fortunately, V rising doesn’t shy away from these mechanics, giving players an extra challenge once the sun comes up. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, like fleeing back to your base as the sun rises only to get stuck in free-for-all PVP.

Seeing like V rising is a relatively new game at the time of writing, fans of the genre hope that future titles will find ways to make day and night more meaningful. The concept is far from fully explored, and with the constant push for more immersive games, it’s only a matter of time before day and night are seen as more than just a game changer. ‘horizon.

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