Hunger Games star to direct new Star Wars series The Acolyte

Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in the first Hunger Games movie, has been cast in the lead role in the new Star Wars series, The Acolyte. The news was announced on the official website star wars twitter account and Stenberg confirmed the news on their instagram Account.

“Next step: a galaxy far, far away,” she wrote. “I’m so excited to finally announce that I’m joining Star Wars: The Acolyte! Honoré is an understatement. May the force be with you.” Stenberg is probably best known for his role in The Hunger Games and, more recently, the wonderful drama The Hate You Give, but they have a long and storied career.

Stenberg’s film debut came in 2011’s Colombiana, where they played Zoe Saldana’s younger counterpart. Since then they have gone on to appear in a number of films and TV series including The Darkest Minds, Leyna in Where Hands Touch, Sleepy Hollow and Dear Evan Hansen. They even lent their voice to a talking bird in the animated film Rio 2.

Developed by Leslye Headland, who created the wonderful Netflix series Russian Doll, The Acolyte will take us back to a time before the Galactic Civil War or the Clone Wars, to the glory days of the High Republic.

Meanwhile, the Jedi are at the peak of their power, with the Sith seemingly defeated. But the dark side survived, and as powerful new figures emerge from the shadows, the High Republic and the rule of the Jedi may be coming to an end.

The Acolyte doesn’t have a set release date yet, so if you’re desperate for more Star Wars information, check out our Andor release date guide.

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