It’s worth it | The publication “We Are One” taken over by Fast Travel Games

Work with yourself in VR!

We are a is a puzzle shooter where you work with yourself. Every action you perform in one time loop is accurately replicated by a clone of you in the next loop. You have to plan smartly ahead and cooperate with your clones through time loops to fight against fat machines.

You play as a being of nature sent to defend the planet against machines that ruthlessly destroy the environment. Luckily, as a being of nature, you can time travel and create clones of yourself. Work with these past and future versions of yourself to create an army and defeat the machines.

Experience a variety of levels with new twists and challenges for you and your clones to overcome! If you want something done right, do it yourself!

Fast Travel has announced a new agreement with Flat Head Studio to publish We are aa shooter and puzzle game that arms you and your other half…your clone!

“We revealed We are a in February to an overwhelmingly positive response, but immediately identified a number of areas where Fast Travel Games can help us bring our title to an even wider audience of gamers around the world,” says Daniel Wiendl, co-founder by Flat Head Studio. .

A demo for We are a is currently available on the Oculus Quest Store App Lab.

We are a was designed to be comfortable to play even if you’re new to VR or susceptible to motion sickness. There is no artificial locomotion in the game and only teleportation is used. The game was designed for both virtual reality beginners and experienced users. It is easy to understand, but difficult to master.
Give it a shot!

Just be sure to coordinate your plan of attack with your own clones – if you fail, you have no one to blame but all the different versions of yourself.

We are a come to Oculus Quest and computer (Steam).

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