“Jumping” games offering easy platinum trophies degrade its integrity

The trophy system came out with the PlayStation 3 System Software Update (v.2.40) in June 2008. Since then, Sony has decided to add trophies to all future consoles and titles so that the gamer has more to do. Having a trophy system gives the player a reason to keep playing, and that definitely worked in Sony’s favor.

Today, there is a hierarchy of four trophies on PlayStation consoles. The ascending order for this starts with bronze, then silver, then gold, until the extremely unachievable, platinum. In some communities, the number of Platinum Trophies a player has dictates their overall respect.

To give an example, a player on YouTube, Mystical, is a regular at PlayStation Trophies. His story shows a 100% on Platinum trophies. This shows that there really are players who care more about these specific trophies than the game itself.

Jakob VanDeusen, a streamer on Twitch, said in an interview with Reverse, “Nothing hits harder than winning a Platinum trophy.” He further stated, “It’s a huge drop in serotonin and it means I had a rewarding experience with a game.” Looking at the dedication of these players, they often try to exploit trophy games to keep up PlayStation Trophy Global Leaderboards.

Recently, the PlayStation Store has been overloaded with a certain genre of games never seen before. Don’t worry, this isn’t some new, unexplored clone, but rather something out of the Adobe Flash Player era. These games are simple, it’s a jumping food, and that’s basically it.

The jumping brownie, The Jumping Burger, The Jumping Burrito, The jumping soda, The jumping fries, and such are the games available for players. The standard edition of each game is $1.49and the “TURBO” the edition (what it’s called) is $2.99. It’s a cheap buy until you realize the game is over in about two minutes.

If you don’t think this game is a masterpiece, I don’t know what is. Notice how fast the person playing gets trophies? It may sound silly, but for trophy hunters, it’s a dream come true. What most of these competitive trophy hunters do is buy the same game from different regions, multiplying their winnings.

Surprisingly, it’s an extremely clever game for the people who made this game. Either they weren’t inspired or their goal was to make a game like this to appeal to trophy hunters. Either way, it looks like they’ve been hugely successful.

Trophies have always had a certain vibe. As a dedicated player of the Soulsborne genre, getting a Platinum trophy is something extraordinary. The achievements were extremely difficult, some took time and many were unnecessarily complicated. However, that’s why it’s an honor to achieve a Platinum trophy; the fact that it is hard and brutal.

However, even AAA titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man have extremely easy trophies, and it’s insulting to players who put all their time and effort into achieving them through truly strenuous games. The fact that these games carry the same weight as Grand Theft Auto V in terms of trophies makes them pointless. Why does getting a Platinum trophy in Cuphead take dozens of hours, while the same thing only takes a few in Donut County?

Even corporate games like Telltale Games offer zero to minimal difficulty to achieve a Platinum trophy. Games like Life is Strange, Minecraft: Story Mode, and The Walking Dead offer naked resistance. Just make a pick here and there, and within hours you have a Platinum trophy.

On the other side of the story is Resident Evil, with some extremely unique and enjoyable trophies paired with enough difficulty to make each one worthwhile. That’s great, because other horror games, like Soma, don’t really take an open-ended approach to trophies and keep it linear.

The mindset of the team behind the games also matters a lot. Ubisoft usually adds linear achievements with a little extra flair, Rockstar Games adds dozens of trophies to match the size of its games, while indie titles show an excessive amount of uniqueness in games.

“Jumping” games can be found on the first page of the section containing recently released games on the PlayStation Store.

However, the question is; do this “skip” games sully the title and integrity of earning the revered Platinum trophy? Yes, they most certainly degrade it significantly. The PlayStation Store has a section presenting new gameswhich is listed in chronological order, and since “real” games only come out once or twice a week, these games will actually be the first games listed for days at a time.

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