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KOCHI: The High Court on Friday ordered production of the first cloned copy and forensic image of the memory card containing the visuals of the actress’ 2017 assault in a sealed cover.
Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas ordered the investigator to collect them from Thiruvananthapuram Forensic Laboratory and produce them in court under seal by Monday morning.
Court considers crime branch’s request to extend time to complete further investigation into assault case against actress which was launched based on director’s statement Balachandra Kumar.
The prosecution had informed the court that the hash value of the memory card changed on July 19 last year. Under such circumstances, the cloned copy and forensic image collected on February 25, 2017, when the memory card was submitted before Angamali first-class magistrates’ court, should be obtainable and produced in the magistrates’ court, the prosecution had demanded. Such a request is made due to fears that changing the hash value will negatively affect the trial, according to the prosecution.
The prosecution also said that the forensic expert who prepared the latest report regarding the hash value change and the former prison DGP R Sreelekha should be interviewed and that the investigation team should be given three more weeks. the criminal branch to complete them. The court asked why the prosecution frequently requested an extension of time to complete the further investigation. Actor Dileep’s lawyer argued that the submissions made by the prosecution had no connection to the assault case against the actress and that the extension of time should not be allowed. The cloned copy and forensic image can be collected from the lab in a single day, the lawyer argued. The court will hear the case again at 1:45 p.m. Monday.
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