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STARK COUNTY, ND – Around 8 a.m. Wednesday, the Stark County Sheriff’s Office received notice from several residents who filed complaints about a caller on the phone claiming to be a Sheriff’s Office Deputy. This caller, who is asking for money or to be contacted for a legal matter, is a scam and people are advised to exercise caution when answering the phone, the sheriff’s office said in a public message.

The individual disguises himself as Sgt. Cameron Adkins of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office and asking to be contacted regarding a legal matter.

“First and foremost, we don’t have anyone by that name working in our office. Second, to my knowledge, I don’t know if he’s asking for money; but if they are, first, we don’t ask for money over the phone,” Lt. Eldon Mehrer noted in a phone interview. “…That being said, as I said in the posting, we may have an assistant to ask you to contact us regarding paper service or something. But that would be setting up some sort of meeting to get together. meet in person.

Mehrer said there had been four different complaints as of Wednesday afternoon to investigate the matter.

“We started getting a few calls and actually some of them stopped by the office and told us about it,” he said.

Mehrer explained in the Facebook post that the Stark County Sheriff’s Office does not solicit funds over the phone and encourages the public to call law enforcement directly or meet in person when dealing with a legal matter.

“In a lot of these cases, I don’t know of any law enforcement agencies that will ask you to send money over the phone. So if someone pretends to be law enforcement asking you to “Sending money in any way – by phone, text or email – that’s not how we do it. And people should strongly question that,” he said. he says, adding, “…If they have questions about someone contacting them, hang up and call back, talk to someone in person, or come to the office and talk to someone in person.”

Throughout the year, the police services experience this type of incident and try to raise awareness of the risks of telephone scams. Finding the person responsible, however, is an uphill legal battle, Mehrer added.

“They could be charged with fraud, theft by deception, that sort of thing. But unfortunately, in many of these cases, many of these callers are from outside the country. And so pursuing them becomes very difficult,” he said. “…In some cases they are able to clone phone numbers. And so, a real phone number may appear that looks legitimate. But then again, the key is that if they’re asking for money over the phone, law enforcement doesn’t operate that way.

For additional questions about the legitimacy of a phone call, contact the Stark County Sheriff’s Office at 701-456-7610 to speak directly with a deputy. People can also stop at the Sheriff’s Office located at 66 W. Museum Drive in Dickinson.

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