TD Tech’s Huawei P50 copy design leaked in live image

The Huawei Nova 10 lineup is the latest consumer hotspot in the market. And it seems that demand for Huawei’s new smartphone product is high, as the Nova 10 series crossed 50,000 more units in just three days.

On July 4, the Chinese tech maker unveiled two new members of the Nova family – the standard Nova 10 and the Nova 10 Pro. Right from the start, the phone was able to make a good profit in the smartphone merchandise.

According to our previous reports, the COO of Huawei Terminal, He Gang, handed over the reservation data of the flagship handset. The officer said that the Huawei Nova 10 series has exceeded 150,000 units so far, and the overall effect is very good.

For now, the new information suggests that the Nova 10 models are capable of gaining a fair amount of customers. Consequently, he achieved a sale of 50,000 more units in just three days. Being a 4G model, the sales results are really very good, so far.

Users are waiting for a new phone case!

Moreover, compared to the predecessor – the Nova 9 series, the Nova 10 handsets are more compatible and have a great advantage for the company. Now users are eagerly waiting for the new cell phone cases for the respective handset.

Luckily, users might see new 5G phone covers. It will eventually bring support for 5G connectivity to 4G-enabled phones. The company has announced that it will be bringing new phone cases for the latest flagship. As a result, it will enhance the functionality of the device to some extent.

So far, Huawei has launched several other products with the Nova 10 lineup. However, after the Nova 10 models, we only find the Wenjie M7, becoming the focal point of the mainstream platform. The big tech-pack SUV also snatched a nice profit. Thus, it could soon become one of the flagship models of the automotive surface.


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