The best escape games for Android

Sometimes you get trapped in a room and have to solve a series of fiendish puzzles to get out. Like, not so often, and usually on purpose. And if you wanted to find this feeling on your smartphone or tablet?

Well, that’s where this list comes in. We’ve taken a look at the Play Store and picked out what we think are the best escape games available for Android. Some of them are sort of an escape room adjoining, but they capture the spirit of the get out of a place genre.

You can click on the game names below to download them from the Play Store. Unless otherwise stated, they are premium. And if you have your own favorite that you’d like to share, paste it in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

We’ll start with a game that packs a lot into a small package. You solve puzzles to open doors, and each level will only take a handful of damn enjoyable minutes. It looks good, and there are a lot of little “ah-ha” moments to keep you going. This one is free with IAP and if you like it, there are more games in the series to check out.

This one is built around a series of logic and mechanical puzzles and sees you playing with strange contraptions of alien origin. There are hidden secrets and a story about the origin of alien machines. It’s free with IAP.

Probably the furthest stretch in terms of escape rooms, but this puzzler will tick a lot of the same mental boxes. You connect images, use them to solve puzzles in a very enjoyable and engaging way. It’s a bit like traveling through a living work of art, and it’s the kind of game that will stay with you for a long time.

Any of the games in The Room series could have been on this list, but we went with this one because it’s the newest and the new stuff is always the best, right? You fiddle with switches, push, pull and twist and dig deep into a mystery. It’s dark in every way.

Rather than just escaping from a room, in this one you escape the mind-numbing drudgery of office work. Which is, quite frankly, something we can all relate to. He has a dry sense of humor, he has great puzzles and interesting characters to boot. It’s free to start with the IAPs to unlock the rest.

It would be easy to pass off The House of Da Vinci as a superficial clone of The Room, but there’s actually a lot going on here that sets it apart from its inspiration. There’s also a unique atmosphere here, and it’s hard not to get sucked into the story.

Technically, this one is more about entering rooms than exiting them, but it’s set in a cool jungle town, so we’ll allow it. There are loads of tricky puzzles as well as mixed ideas from other genres like point-and-click and hidden objects. It’s getting a bit ahead, but there’s still plenty of fun to be found here.

A mix of concepts come together to make this crime-solving adventure damn good. There are, as you might guess, many tiny rooms to hang out in and a mysterious town that is full of Mary Celeste. It’s free with IAPs.

There are plenty of games in the Cube Escape series and they are all worth checking out. There’s even one called Paradox, because paradoxes seem to be all the rage in escape rooms. We went with The Lake, because we love lakes. The game is free and full of wonderful quirks like all Rusty Lake games.

Glitch Games makes plenty of great adventure games, but this one distills a lot of what makes them so good into a shorter package. It’s about stepping out of a cabin in the woods, but, inevitably, there’s a lot more going on than that. It’s free, but you can spend money on hints.

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