Understand the hype surrounding the launch of Nothing Phone 1

The launch of Nothing Phone 1 remains a mystery, which has created a strange buzz around the new device. In fact, many fans of the new Nothing brand want to invest a lot of money in the smartphone.

According to website leaks GSM Arenathe device in India should cost between 31,000 rupees (or 2,064 BRL), in the version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage; and 36,000 rupees (or 2,397 BRL) in the 12GB and 256GB versions, respectively.

However, as pointed out radar technologyAfter auctioning off 100 units of Nothing Phone 1 before launch, some users made bids of over $3,000 (or R$15,796) for direct access to the device.

What do we know about Nothing Phone 1?

There is no new brand founded by Swedish Carl Pei. He is known for being the co-founder and former director of Chinese One Plus, especially for launching successful smartphones, such as One Plus One, for example.

Nothing Phone 1 is the first smartphone developed by Pei’s new brand, which has already launched a wireless earphone, Nothing Ear 1 (Available for purchase here).

At present, it is officially known that the smartphone will have a Qualcomm processor and will run a simple operating system with a minimalist design, without an operating system, based on Android.

In addition to being simple, the mobile will have a 100% recycled aluminum chassis, and will use more than 50% of its plastic components from recycled, biobased or post-consumer materials.

According to the video below – published by Nothing last week – Nothing Phone 1 will have a transparent background with uniquely patterned light effects, depending on the sounds or notifications of the smartphone.

On the other hand, leaks suggest that the chipset used will be a mid-range Snapdragon 778G+ – rather than Qualcomm’s latest 7th Gen chipset. However, revealing this information was not enough to reduce the hype around the device.

The official launch of Nothing Phone 1 is set to take place on July 12.

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