Wordle Clone is all about guessing video games

Wordle fans looking for a new game to play should consider checking out GuessThe.Game, which is a Wordle twist on video games.

wordle exploded in popularity earlier this year, prompting The New York Times to acquire the game and inspire countless imitators. There were a lot of tricks wordle clones produced in the months after the game exploded, including those on geography, guessing inappropriate words, guessing eight words at a time, and more. Another one wordle clone came into the picture, and this one is all about video games.

GuessThe.Game, accessible by clicking hereis a wordle variant where the goal is to guess a different video game every day. As wordle, GuessThe.Game gives players six guesses to determine the game of the day. However, it adapts the wordle experience to give more meaning to the challenge.


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In wordle, players are tasked with guessing five-letter words, with incorrect letters in gray, correct letters in the correct place marked in green, and correct letters in the wrong place marked in yellow. Each guess gets wordle players closer to finding the correct word. GuessThe.Game is different in that it shows players a screenshot of the video game in question. They can then try their hand at guessing the game, and if they get it wrong, they’ll get a new screenshot and game detail. Please note that the remainder of this article will contain SPOILERS for the May 26 GuessThe.Game puzzler, so proceed with caution.

For example, the GuessThe.Game puzzle from May 26 shows a screenshot of the critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game. The witness. If players guess incorrectly, they are shown a new screenshot and detail on the game’s Metacritic rating. If they guess again, they are then shown another screenshot with another detail on the game. game, this time its native platforms. Another incorrect guess scores another picture and game genre, and so on until players guess correctly or miss chances.

There is a decent variety when it comes to the games featured in GuessThe.Game. A few days ago the answer to the puzzle was the Nintendo 64 sports game Mario Golf, although the first screenshot was of a non-Mario character who is featured in the game to give him an extra challenge. On May 25, the answer was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2which is quite normal since Activision has started to accelerate the marketing of the new version of modern warfare 2slated for launch later this year.

There is a lot of wordle clones out there, but few fit the concept as well as GuessThe.Game. Video game enthusiasts who want to test their knowledge should check it out.

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