Xbox games with Gold for August include Cat Cafe Sim Calico and Heist ’em Up Monaco

The free Xbox Games with Gold for August 2022 have been revealed, with four free games being given out to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers during the month. It’s the same setup as always – well, until October, anyway – but how does it compare to the confirmed batch of PS Plus Essential titles?

What is Xbox Games with Gold August 2022?

The four games are the usual set of two Xbox One titles and two Xbox or Xbox 360 games that can be played via backwards compatibility. Everything is also playable on Xbox Series X|S. All four games will be available at different times of the month, as follows:


For long-time Xbox Live subscribers, there will likely be some disappointment here, as there are repeats. Monaco has been offered with GwG since 2014 – arguably a repeat after 8 years is long enough to ensure there are plenty of people who haven’t played it – Saints Row 2 was also featured there two years in July 2020, although now has the series reboot to tie up. It’s a sign of why Microsoft is dropping 360 games from Games with Gold in October

There’s plenty here for original game fans, though. Calico tasks you with rebuilding a cat cafe in a fantasy town – Microsoft knows that cat games are very popular right now. In our review, Drea said:

“Calico is a wonderfully weird and whimsical game. With some tweaks to the game’s rendering, some bug fixes, and the ability to customize controls, this would be an ideal island to visit for a few hours at a time. If only I could make my Animal Crossing island have the same atmosphere…”

ScourgeBringer, on the other hand, is one of many Roguelites out there, with Reu saying, “If you have an itch for recurring death and frustration, this will definitely keep you satisfied for a while, but there are far better examples. kind of over there. ”

Going back to the two 360 games, and Saints Row 2 was a great iteration on the spunky original GTA clone, adding more of a distinctive identity (before going completely nuts with Saints Row The Third). Digging through the TSA archives from 2008, CC_Star reviewed the game for us, writing, “The game may lack that Hollywood shine and polish, but this is only the second Violation release: imagine what will be possible by the time they get to issue IV, after all any game that features guns, gangs, prostitutes AND zombies is awesome in my book.

He knew very little…

My personal highlight, however, is Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. This fantastic co-op heist is just tons and tons of fun, with plenty of crazy hugs to take on. I can’t wait to see the sequel!

No more Xbox 360 games from October 2020?

It’s true. Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 games will no longer be included in Games with Gold, with Microsoft claiming this is due to reaching the “limit of [their] ability to add Xbox 360 games to the catalog.

We’ve seen more and more repeat games in recent months, including Torchlight in July, and now Monaco and Saints Row 2 in August. It’s probably getting harder and harder for Microsoft to get licenses, as well as find 360 games that can stand out. That’s led to deals that haven’t compared too favorably to Sony’s PlayStation Plus Essential over the past few years. Sony previously dropped older PS3 and PS Vita titles from the service and now only promises two PS4-compatible titles (although it has consistently over-delivered with a third game that’s often been cross-gen since the launch of the PS5). Maybe Microsoft can shake things up the same way?

Can I still download the July 2022 Games with Gold Games?

Yes! You still have a few days to seize more games from last month. Due to Microsoft’s staggered giveaways, Thrillville has already left the service, but the other three games are still available, either until the end of today (be quick!) or until mid-August. Here are the links

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