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CALIFORNIA, USA, June 8, 2022 / — While everyone has heard of puns, no one has seen anything quite like it yet Booklet. A passion project of Michael Wilk, this unique game combines the best features of traditional word games with those of strategy games for a one-of-a-kind experience that is both challenging and addictive.

According to Wilk, the game was inspired by a desire to create a word game that would appeal to Scrabble players but not just a clone like Words With Friends.

In Libretto, each player has their own color of game tiles, and the goal is to make a path of words between the left and right sides of the board using only their tiles. Games can be made offensively or defensively, and good players think several moves ahead to determine their best play. Many have called Libretto “chess with words”.

Libretto is perfect for anyone who loves a good game of Scrabble but is looking for something deeper. Because words can be placed virtually anywhere on the board, players have far more play options than in Scrabble, allowing the clever player to surprise their opponent with an unexpected play. Players can use all sorts of strategies to win, and even Wilk says he’s still finding new ways after ten years of playing.

Wilk initially created a prototype Libretto playable in web browsers. After the game proved itself in this format, he knew the next step was to bring it to mobile devices. After going from studio to studio looking for a team with the right skills, he finally found mobile game programmer Will Burgers. Together they transformed the Libretto prototype into a working product.

An updated version of Libretto was released in May 2022 and is available for iOS and Android devices. It received positive reviews, with players praising its originality and addiction.

But according to Wilk, this is just the beginning. While the current version of the game is complete and stable, and they would like to start by just getting people to try it out, there are plans to add new features, like a tournament mode.

When you’re looking for a challenging new strategic word game, look no further than Libretto. Scrabble champion Joe Edley calls Libretto “fascinating” and “an equal or better word game” than Scrabble. Download the booklet today to see if you agree!

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