YouTuber shows off the back and front of the Nothing phone (1) with seamless bezels and a punch-hole camera

Smartphones have come a long way and each flagship brings its own set of upgrades every year. We are waiting for a new entrant in the smartphone industry and the rumor is full of what we can expect. The Nothing Phone (1) was recently introduced to the world, but the front of the device was not part of the unveiling. Well, one YouTuber managed to score the device early by showcasing his impressions of the device in a comprehensive hands-on video. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

YouTuber shows off the front and back of the Nothing (1) phone in new hands-on video – It’s all about the accent LED lights on the back

YouTuber MKBHD shared a new video that showcases the front and back design of the Nothing Phone (1). From the first glance, you can easily differentiate the smartphone from the rest of the flagships. It features a clear glass back that gives you a glimpse of the white painted interior. However, the uniqueness comes down to flashing accent lights with over 900 LEDs in the rear.

Note that the accent lights on the back serve as indicators for different features. The Nothing Phone (1) comes with 10 different ringtones and each ringtone has its own theme for the LED lights on the back. Other than that, when reverse wireless charging the Nothing earbuds, the LED lights in the center would surround the accessory. With wired charging, the LED lights at the bottom would act as an indicator of the charged battery. To be specific, Nothing has taken notification LEDs to the next level which makes it stand out from the crowd. You can customize the LED lights on the back from the Glyph interface.

Nothing Phone (1) How-To Video

Although we already know what the Nothing Phone (1) looks like from the back, the front of the device is also quite interesting. The device features a circular cutout at the top left of the screen that houses the front camera. Moreover, the glasses are quite thin and seamless on all four sides with rounded corners. To be fair, the Nothing Phone (1) looks like an iPhone 12 from the front and back. You can check out the Nothing Phone (1) hands-on video below for more details on the design.

Finally, MKBHD only gave users a preview of the front of the device and no software versions or skins were shown in the video. We’ll share more details about the Nothing Phone (1) as soon as more details become available. How did you like the next Nothing Phone (1)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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