Monthly Archives: March 2021

Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate in review

We’ve already brought you our in-depth review of the ROG Phone 5, but we’ve also received a ROG Phone 5 Ultimate at most with ridiculous 18GB RAM and 512GB storage. It takes some quick hands-on processing to see how good the two editions are different and, more importantly, what the …

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How do unwanted callers spoof phone numbers to appear local?

Telephone fraud, along with unwanted calls, is growing in popularity and frequency every day. Scammers use various methods of identity theft to trick people into taking their calls and gaining their valuable personal information. Knowing how scammers spoof phone numbers can help you stay protected from nuisance calls. Read on …

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22-year-old Bitcoin entrepreneur announces ‘free speech’ phone for Trump fans

Image: Freedom PhoneImages: SimpleImages via Getty Images / The Freedom Phone Beware of Apple and Google, there’s a new phone on the block that promises to shake up the market by integrating FREE SPEECH into the device. It’s called the Freedom Phone and it’s the brainchild of Erik Finman, who …

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