Harry Styles thinks you shouldn’t text him either

Love is a battleground. We sang the popular Pat Benatar song long before we knew it was true. We may have attributed the statement to Jenna Rink in * this * 13 In progress 30 scene, but it was wisdom beyond our years, no matter where we learned it.

Years later, Jordin Sparks reminded us of the same thing. “Don’t try to explain what you’re thinking,” she crooned. She knew what was going on here. “One minute it’s love, and suddenly it’s like a battlefield.” However, she never intended to start a war.

Navigating the murky world of romantic pursuits is tricky business for anyone these days. Try to do it on your own, without the help of close friends, family, and favorite singers, and you may fall at the first hurdle. We’ve all sent a screenshot of a seemingly offhand comment in the group chat for a second opinion. If you haven’t tried to dissect the meaning of every emoji, GIF, and grammatical choice, then you are either lying or much better than me when it comes to modern dating.

That said, if there’s one person whose opinion we * (read, * I) value above all others, it’s Harry Styles. Clearly not the only one to ask me “what would Harry Styles do?” regularly, a fan recently got a response straight from the horse’s mouth.

Currently traveling across the United States as part of his show Love on Tour, the singer’s last concert saw him stop in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Welcoming 18,000 fans inside the Xcel Energy Center for the concert, Harry spotted a fan panel that caught his eye. “Should I text him?” He asked. Asking the audience first, they responded quickly and it was a unanimous “no” at all levels.

Considering what he would do in such a situation, Harry then gave his own thoughtful answer. “In my opinion, if you were to [text him], so it’s not even a question, ”he began. “If we’re like, ‘Should I text him? Shouldn’t I text him? I can’t text him too soon. Now we’re thinking of double texting, and that’s a whole different risky business. Now he’s rejected it, so technically he’s the last one to do something “… It’s a whole,” he continued.

“My personal opinion is that if there is games, garbage, garbage, garbage, not for you.” Microphone. Publication date.

Delighting the crowd with his insight, the sage advice of the former One Directioner also gave the film a subtle nod. Notebook – of which we can only assume that he is a fan. Citing a scene from the cult romantic drama, Harry referred to a line Ms Hamilton said to her daughter Allie when she argued about her relationship with Noah Calhoun. Telling him first that Noah is “a nice boy,” Allie’s mother quickly drops the facade and admits her true opinion of him, saying that he is “garbage, garbage, garbage. Not for you.”

Allie might not necessarily have listened to what her parents had to say, but Harry Styles’ disapproval is another thing … what he says is fine and if he tells you not to text him, you absolutely listen.

A clip of the interaction, uploaded after the concert ended, has since gone viral and, unsurprisingly, the internet is very supportive of his approach. In fact, one fan found out it wasn’t the first time it had been referenced. Notebook before either.

Harry Styles, Notebook and some pretty specific dating tips; the trifecta.

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