Star Wars games should focus on non-Jedi characters

Star Wars games don’t always need a Jedi to be successful. It’s time for the franchise to give fans new perspectives in the world of interactive media.

Star wars has long been one of the largest entertainment franchises of all time, with a reach spanning movies, television, merchandise, and video games. For decades, licensed Star wars The games have captured the attention of gamers, producing iconic games. However, despite the franchise’s deep history in the game, it has yet to reach its full potential for one glaring reason: the focus on the exploits of the Jedi leaves a lot of potential for different storytelling. Star wars stories on the table.

A majority of Star wars Video games focus heavily on the Jedi and their fight against the dark side of the Force. Iconic Knights of the Old Republic most recent hit series Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the heroic Jedi and his lightsaber paragons of virtue often provide a righteous basis for a great video game story of good versus evil. However, like the 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story proven so successfully, the Star wars not always the world needs the Jedi to do something special.

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There are a lot of non-Jedi characters that already exist in the Star wars cannon that would make great video game protagonists. Characters like the iconic Han Solo, a smuggler who becomes a heroic general of the Rebellion, or Thief one‘s Jyn Erso, a criminal who becomes a hero in her exploits against the Empire. In the expanded universe of books and comics, there are even more great characters to draw, with many heroes and villains with a lot of potential as the protagonists of the game.

Just considering the franchise’s bounty hunters, there are two characters that stand out: the mysterious Din Djarin, better known as the The Mandalorian, and the iconic Boba Fett. The two are seasoned warriors who currently star on Disney + shows whose stories just might translate into an interactive entertainment experience. With their combat prowess, super-cool Mandalorian armor, and jetpacks, these two characters are begging to be part of a big-budget third-person shooter adventure.

Some of the most popular Star wars the games have focused on new stories and gameplay ideas that exist independent of existing characters and Jedi. Games like Star Wars Battlefront The series puts players in the shoes of everyday soldiers fighting through the galactic conflicts of the film series to the delight of fans. Star Wars: Republic Commando took this idea even further, allowing players to be an intimate part of a unit of Republic clone troopers in a game that many still consider to this day to be one of the best Star wars games never created. Fans have embraced such games, which is all the more reason to create more.

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Republic Delta Commando squad functionality

Star wars games don’t even have to shy away from the idea of ​​the Force altogether to tell a great story adjacent to the Jedi. Take Kyle Katarn from Star Wars: Dark Forces games as an example. In the Extended Universe lore, Kyle was presented as a former Imperial soldier who defected to the Rebellion and then found himself Force-sensitive. Although he eventually became a Jedi in later games, the first two Dark forces the games featured pure first person shooter action as he went on missions against the Empire. These games have held a special place in the hearts of fans, and a new game focused on this early period could be a refreshing experience that still allows some Force influence to affect gameplay in interesting ways.

Just as the Force needs balance, so does the world of Star wars licensed games. The developers would do well to give fans a different kind of experience every now and then. While there are plenty of Star wars gaming experiences announced or believed to be underway, the best way for developers to harness this great wealth of potential in a galaxy far, far away is to use it to tell new and unique stories.

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