Top 4 Rap Heardle games!

While the appearance of Wordle mania has given way to the creation of a fervent Heardle spin-off community, there is no shortage of games exclusive to a particular topic or genre. And of course, rap is not excluded from developing within this viral phenomenon.

In this article, we have collected 4 Heardle games for rap and hip hop music fans.

Top 4 Rap Heardle Games

Rap Heardles is no different in gameplay if you are already familiar with the Heardle game landscape. Your objective on the game board is to uncover the mystery track of the day based on short musical snippets that gradually reveal the track’s intro. In total, you get 6 attempts to complete the challenge, and whether or not you succeed really depends on your musical knowledge.

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In other words, there is no room for luck in Heardle; so what will be the result when the track list is an organized list of rap music? Test it out with the rap-based Heardle games listed below.

1. Ya Heardle!

Courtesy of Sean Campbell, an ardent fan of 90s black music rap and TV shows, Ya Heardle! tests how much you grew up listening to R&B and hip-hop music of the era.

The curated tracklist for the game is steeped in quite a few R&B tracks from the same generation; Campbell made this decision to add to the density of the song list and make the challenge a bit trickier for players.

Note: As some songs contain swear words, Ya Heardle! may be more suited to an age-appropriate player base.

2. Eminem Heardle

It shouldn’t be surprising to see a Heardle clone dedicated to embracing the dense discography of rap god Eminem. With over 54 singles (leading) and 11 studio albums to his name (excluding promotional and guest projects), Eminem persists atop the chain as the best-selling artist of all time.

If you’re an Eminem fan, then it’s time for the daily EMINEM Heardle challenge to unveil the mysterious Eminem track of the day with minimal moves.

3. Kanye West Heardle

King of rap as of controversy, discussions abound to praise and denounce the unbridled energy of this legendary rapper. While all other Heardle games are fan tributes to their idols, Kanye West Heardle is the artist’s own celebration of his unparalleled exploits in the rap and music industry as a hitmaker.

Like Heardle and Wordle, Kanye West Heardle is also a daily challenge, but it is only based on the curated song list only with Kanye West’s contribution to the hip-hop and music industry. Your challenge is to emerge victorious with more tries to spare than use – something a superfan can accomplish even while sleeping soundly.

4. Kendrick Lamar Heardle

It would be blasphemy if the first and only rapper to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Music didn’t have Heardle in his nickname. Of course, the world won’t bear the brunt of such a sin, for there is indeed a Heardle game as a fan tribute in Lamar’s honor.

Created by Twitter user “egg tart“, Kendrick Lamar Heardle, is a respectful nod to the great contributions made by the rapper and songwriter through his own music and those that feature him.

That’s all for the moment! What is your best Heardle score in a rap-based Wordle? Share with us in the comments!


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